Distinctive Hope: See you Soon!

The closing weeks of summer always carry a mix of excitement and anticipation as the college prepares for the students’ return. The award-winning Hope campus (please see “Campus Scene”) stands ready as an oasis of tranquil beauty in this image taken in the latter half of July. Actually, the campus stands more than ready. With… Continue Reading →

From the President: Matthew A. Scogin ʼ02

Dear Friends and Family of Hope College, As I write this, I’ve just celebrated the conclusion of my first year as president of Hope College. What a year this has been! A year of turbulence like none of us have seen before. As we look ahead, we wrestle with questions like, how do we navigate… Continue Reading →

Quote, Unquote: Remote Instruction

As reported in the last issue of News from Hope College (and elsewhere in this one), the college completed the final six weeks of the spring semester via remote instruction due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. As his classes concluded their online experience, Bill Moreau of the English faculty asked his students what they missed… Continue Reading →

Campus Scene

STARTING the SEMESTER EARLY Hope is starting the school year two weeks early to help limit the impact of the COVID-19 virus on the campus community. Fall-semester classes will begin on Monday, Aug. 17, with the semester concluding on Tuesday, Nov. 24. Classes were originally to have started on Tuesday, Sept. 1, with the semester… Continue Reading →

Leading Hope with Hope

With the nation and world facing some of the largest challenges of the past several decades, it would be easy to hunker down and despair. One of the most important things to know about President Matthew A. Scogin ’02, who has just completed his first year leading Hope and is eagerly anticipating his second, is… Continue Reading →

Seeking a Better Way

Editor’s Note: The nationwide calls for racial justice in the wake of the killing of George Floyd and other Black Americans have reached Holland and Hope as well. Local events have included a peaceful march and demonstration in the city attended by more than 2,000 people. At Hope, the summer has seen even more faculty,… Continue Reading →

#KeepingHope in the Time of COVID-19

Removed from Hope’s campus and from each other when the college went to remote operations after March 11 due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, people of Hope quickly resolved to do one common thing from their various points of distant teaching, working and learning. Though separated, the campus community was determined to stay together by… Continue Reading →

Remote Learning the Hope Way

How do you move a dance class online, especially when your students have gone home to five different time zones? Which videoconferencing app has better break-out rooms? Does starting class at noon on Thursdays matter anymore? In March, Hope College faculty had 11 days to power through those questions as they reworked courses they typically… Continue Reading →

Greater than the Sum

As a sophomore working for Hope’s CFL Consulting program, Micah Bieri ’19 enjoyed his first assignment so much that he wanted to do another – and then another. And another. “I started working with Gentex, and we were doing defect analysis,” said Bieri, who dual-majored in business and mechanical engineering. “I learned so much on… Continue Reading →

Where There’s a Will There’s a Hemenway

Last November, when Dr. Stephen I. Hemenway was honored for 48 years of creativity as an English professor at Hope by being named the first recipient of the college’s Betty Roelofs ’53 Miller Endowed Professorship, he delivered a five-minute acceptance speech. In rhymed couplets. “Arriving at Hope, I was labeled weird: Single, Irish Catholic, donning… Continue Reading →

Front-line Alumni Heroes

Thank you to all front-line workers! We are saluting alumni that have been nominated by faculty, staff, alumni, families and friends below. Help us thank more front-line alumni by emailing alumni@hope.edu. The Hope College Bookstore will be selecting a random front-line alum to receive a gift basket. 60s Sid Disbrow ’68 Chiropractic Physician and Applied… Continue Reading →

Window to Hope’s History: April 1968

Any comparison between events is imperfect, particularly those removed from one another by more than 50 years. That said, the mass demonstrations nationwide calling for racial justice following the killing of George Floyd and other Black Americans by police officers in recent months have prompted reflection on similarities to and differences from the civil rights… Continue Reading →

Campus Quiz

Can you spot these locations on campus? Email with your best guess, and we’ll send a Hope sticker pack to one lucky person who gets all four locations correct. marketing@hope.edu Image 1: Top Left in Print MagazineImage 2: Top Right in Print Magazine Image 3: Bottom Left in Print Magazine Image 4: Bottom Right in… Continue Reading →