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Quote, Unquote: Remote Instruction

Quote, unquote is an eclectic sampling of things said at and about Hope College.

As reported in the last issue of News from Hope College (and elsewhere in this one), the college completed the final six weeks of the spring semester via remote instruction due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. As his classes concluded their online experience, Bill Moreau of the English faculty asked his students what they missed most about their pre-pandemic life at Hope. We’re sharing a handful of their responses here. Considering that this is essentially this publication’s “back to school” issue, that might seem a bit counterintuitive. Yet, with the college’s newest students set to arrive soon, it might be reassuring to know that those who have preceded them have appreciated the experience.

“I think the real question is what don’t I miss about Hope College. I miss everything from late night conversations with my roommate, to hard workouts with my teammates, to thoughtful conversations with professors, to singing in Chapel with my friends. I think the overarching theme is that I miss my people. The friends I made at Hope fill my heart with so much joy. I feel so grateful that God led me to Hope and placed those people in my life. I am praying that I will get to see their faces in a few months.” (first-year student)

In terms of my life at Hope, I do not think I can pinpoint one thing: I miss it all.

“I miss singing! Whether it’s in Chapel Choir or my a cappella group (12th Street Harmony), I always enjoy being able to express myself through music. I also miss being able to see everyone that I love at school. You don’t realize how much it brightens your day saying “Hello!” to 30 people in passing throughout the day until you don’t have that experience anymore.” (sophomore)

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“I really miss walking through campus and running into people I know and being able to spend time in a place where I have so many memories. I also miss being able to do homework on campus. I loved to study in Schaap by the ducks and I miss sitting at those tables and doing homework. I miss seeing my professors and classmates in person and I miss the opportunity I had to go talk with my professors in their offices. I also miss Hope traditions, like Brinner or Spring Fling. If I had to pick one thing I miss most, I would say it would be the Hope community.” (senior)

“In terms of my life at Hope, I do not think I can pinpoint one thing: I miss it all.” (first-year student)

“I miss the people of Hope. SO much. I miss my professors, my friends, my roommates, my TEAMMATES, my RAs, my RD. I miss playing softball. I miss falling asleep to the train and then waking up from it at 3:00 in the morning. I just miss Hope College.” (first-year student)

“I miss the chance encounters and interactions. I miss saying hello to my groggy housemate in the morning. I miss the pre-class chit-chat with my peers. I miss seeing professors in the hallway and saying hello. I miss heated conversations at the lunch table with my friends. I miss exchanging smiles with the reception desk worker at the Dow. I miss waving across the Pine Grove to a friend passing by. I miss making small talk with the workers at the Kletz. In sum, I miss the interactions with people that I would never organize a Google Hangout to have, but still valued as part of my daily routine.” (senior)

The complete collection of 22 responses, along with an introduction by Bill Moreau, is available on the college’s Keeping Hope blog.