Something in the Water

Two of Michigan’s best-known breweries — New Holland and Founders — are celebrating their 20th anniversaries this year, but that isn’t all they have in common. They both brew high-quality, unique beer. They’re both known, at least in part, for their bourbon barrel-aged stouts (Dragon’s Milk and KBS, respectively). And they were both founded by… Continue Reading →

Community in Christ

The muffled tap of felt-bottomed pieces on a chessboard. Queen to king’s rook 3. Knight’s pawn captures pawn. And then a mistake. An unnoticed piece slides diagonally to take the queen, and one of the players quips with a grin, “You Protestants — always forgetting about the bishops.” Sure, it sounds like the punchline to… Continue Reading →

Generation Spark

To really wrap your mind around the work of Generation Spark, you first need to get a handle on the nones and the dones. Let’s start with the “nones,” a term used in the media as a shorthand way to talk about those who identify themselves on surveys and polls as having no religious affiliation.… Continue Reading →

Hope’s Aspirational Faith

For the first time in more than 150 years, Hope College has adopted a formal statement of its Christian character. Why now? And what does the college expect to do with it, anyway? To be fair, for the first 100 years, Hope had no need for such a statement. As a denominational school of the… Continue Reading →

A Passion for Interfaith Dialogue

Allison LoPrete ’19 opens with a greeting given by the risen Christ himself: “Peace be with you.” It’s the opening of a liturgy that one might expect to find in Sunday morning worship services around the world — or perhaps in Hope’s own Dimnent Memorial Chapel four times a week. “And also with you,” the… Continue Reading →

On Display: Selections from an Interesting Life

Untitled 1982Alexander Liberman (American, born Ukraine 1912-1999)Painted steelLoan from the M.L. Brummel Collection A new exhibition opening at Hope’s Kruizenga Art Museum this fall reflects the lasting power of the college experience — and the unexpected ways that even one part of it can enrich a life for the 60-plus years (and counting) that follow.… Continue Reading →