Approach from Dimnent Memorial Chapel

New Center Headlines Faith Formation Initiative

A New Home for Campus Ministry

Sara Dorer

The Topic No One Wants to Talk About. Until Now.

Confronting Sexual Assault

Serving and Protecting the Garden that is Earth

Hope College Sustainability

A Fond Farewell to Faculty Retirees

Thank You to Three Retiring Professors

A Gift with Gratitude for an Unforgettable Act

How Hope Changed a Future: Dr. Latif Jiji

Hope to the Nth Degree

Four Journeys Through Hope

SPERA Spotlight on Faculty Research and Scholarly Work
Two geologists set up ultrasonic anemometers on the side of a very windy beach dune. Sand swirls around them. Leafless and fall-color trees are in the background.

Hope College Dune Research Group

Jeremiah, as depicted by Michelangelo on the Sistine Chapel ceiling. An old man wearing robes of orange and yellow, with a long white beard and sweeping gray and white hair. His hand is over his mouth as he looks downward with a forlorn expression. Sculpted columns with cherubs appear in the background, with two women carrying similarly sad expressions.

Jeremiah and Lamentations Through 16th-Century Eyes

Jeff Tyler, Ph.D. | Professor of Religion

Cologne Cathedral Church of Saint Peter is a Roman Catholic cathedral in Cologne, Germany. The cathedral is weathered stone, appearing dark with lighter spots - less worn. The view is from the front steps, looking upward, the cathedral spires towering over us.

One Archbishop, Two Funerals

Janis Gibbs, Ph.D. | Associate Professor of History

A digitized black and white print of Liberty Leading the People appears to be glued over, then torn intentionally, revealing a stylized patchwork French flag - blue, white, and red vertical sections in equal thirds. A color wheel with very small print words in each segment appears at the bottom center.

21st-Century Graffiti, with a 19th-Century Twist

Heidi Kraus, Ph.D. | Assistant Professor of Art and Art History, Director of the De Pree Gallery

Dr. Andrew Le plays piano. Wearing glasses and a blazer, we see Dr. Lee from the opposite end of a grand piano, through the open lid, beyond the strings.

Performing Debussy as a Scholarly Pursuit

Andrew Le, Ph.D. | Associate Professor of Music

Professor Richard Perez stands on a stage without a set, with cast members Sam Hill Class of 2018, Olivia Lehnertz Class of 2019 and Akia Smith Class of 2018. The three women are wearing western costumes including cowboy hats and boots, denim, plaid, and vests. Akia holds a lasso. Another coil of rope is in the foreground on the floor.

The Play’s the Thing

Richard Perez, MFA | Assistant Professor of Theatre

Graffiti in Mexico City features vibrant colors, primarily blues, greens, reds, and oranges with thick black outlines defining the shapes. Shapes include skulls, cactus, birds, jungle cats, statues, and masks.

City by City, the Arts Interpret Culture

María Claudia André, Ph.D. | Professor of Spanish

A Hope College student standing on a pier in the winter takes a water sample from Lake Macatawa. He holds a receptacle at the end of a long yellow pole to dip into the water.

Microecology Close to Home

Aaron Best, Ph.D. | Harrison C. and Mary L. Visscher Professor of Genetics

Dr. Peter Gonthier and Calvin Gentry Class of 2018, and Josiah Brouwer Class of 2018 on the roof of an observatory.

At the Galaxy’s Center, a Mystery

Peter Gonthier, Ph.D. | Professor of Physics

Dr. Gerald Griffin and Dr. Charlotte vanOyen-Witvliet in the lab.

Exploring a Link between DNA and Forgiveness

Gerald Griffin, Ph.D. | Assistant Professor of Psychology and Biology
Charlotte vanOyen-Witvliet, Ph.D. | Professor of Psychology
Lindsey Root Luna, Ph.D. | Associate Professor of Psychology
Jill VanderStoep, M.S. | Adjunct Professor of Mathematics

A map of the world, with the United States in the foreground, uses thumb tacks and yarn to represent the concept of global immigration to the US.

The Power of Immigrants’ Personal Narratives

Deborah Van Duinen, Ph.D. | Associate Professor of Education

Five student dancers hoist a sixth in the air, in front of an audience of school children, as part of the StrikeTime Dance Theatre's production which brings to life a Dr. Suess story.

Dance as a Learning Strategy

Nicole Flinn, M.A. | Associate Professor of Dance