A Fond Farewell to Faculty Retirees

While every path to teaching at Hope is unique, among the college’s dedicated faculty there are also at least two traits that are omnipresent: a love of a discipline, and a passion for inspiring and mentoring new generations.

This year’s three retiring professors are no exception. One flew above the skies of Europe and honed language skills with the U.S. Air Force and at graduate school; another shaped beginning learners and school and district curriculum; another danced and choreographed throughout Europe and North America; and each taught elsewhere.

And then they brought those experiences, that expertise, to Hope, making students, and the college, better for it.

Patricia Griffin

Assistant Professor of Education

“All of the experiences that I had previously in early childhood education had conspired to make my role at Hope the absolute dream job for me. I have really enjoyed it immensely here. Without a doubt, it has been the pinnacle of my career in terms of having the opportunity to pull everything together.”

Steven Iannacone

Associate Professor of Dance

“The great thing I love about the dance program at Hope is that it’s always been universal and open. You wanted to dance? It didn’t matter if you never took a step your life, we’ll help you. You want to be a dance major? Sure. Take these classes, and we’ll tap your potential. I’ve seen dancers leave this program and go on to do great things.”

Sander deHaan

Professor of German and Dutch

“I’ve said on several occasions that it’s been nice of the college, year in and year out, to offer me a contract to teach classes here, because I’d have done it for nothing. Not that I didn’t need the paycheck! It’s just that teaching at Hope was so fun and so enjoyable that I could hardly call it work.”