Living History, Active Learning

Picture Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and George Washington on the Hope campus, more than two centuries removed from the creation of the United States Constitution, discussing the story of how the document that has guided the nation throughout its history came to be. That’s what happened as Hope’s DeWitt Center main theatre was… Continue Reading →

Awakening a Deeper Faith

Sixteen-year-old Sydney Mycroft expresses her Christian faith through playing the drums with a praise team at her home church in Orlando, Florida. But Sydney learned far more than how to improve her musical skills during the recent Awakening summer institute at Hope College. She gained a deeper understanding of her faith and developed skills for… Continue Reading →

City by City, the Arts Interpret Culture

In the evening in some Buenos Aires clubs, guitars and accordions called bandoneons weave syncopated tango rhythms that draw patrons to the dance floor and echo back to the early 20th century. In Mexico City, vivid murals still transform buildings into huge canvasses, sustaining a genre born after World War I when the Mexican muralism… Continue Reading →

At the Galaxy’s Center, a Mystery

At the center of our Milky Way Galaxy, something’s going on that puzzles astrophysicists. Decades of intense research built expectations about the gamma rays that ought to emanate from that zone. Yet NASA’s Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope picks up levels that exceed expectations. Why? Here’s Dr. Peter Gonthier’s take: Perhaps there’s a population of millisecond… Continue Reading →

A New View in Japan

It’s an unusual question for a historian: What is it like for a blind person to live in a world dominated by sighted people? But this inquiry, with a particular focus on Japan, is at the heart of Dr. Wayne Tan’s research. Today, Japan is considered one of the most blind-friendly nations in the world,… Continue Reading →

Always an Anchor of Hope

Nearly a decade ago, Jazmin Martinez was a shy, quiet elementary student in Holland, Michigan, who was nervous about an upcoming choir concert at her school. At the time, Jazmin was receiving tutoring support through the Children’s After School Achievement (CASA) program that meets at Hope. A student mentor from the college offered to help… Continue Reading →