Soaring in Scotland

The college’s H2 Dance Company had an amazing summer, traveling to Edinburgh, Scotland, for August’s Festival Fringe, a prestigious and massive international event featuring more than 50,000 shows from around the world. The pre-professional company first presented a sample of faculty member Matthew Farmer ’04’s original work Dieser Ort on the historic Royal Mile and then went on to stage full performances at the intimate indoor Triplex venue across the next four nights.

Out of 50 shows in the venue, only nine earned professional reviews—and three of those, full of praise, went to Hope: “H2 Dance Co. provides an evening of delightful entertainment that is mentally stimulating and visually rewarding,” said, while one4review noted, “The dancers are clearly talented, particularly so in the acting aspect of the performance. They never once break character or focus, which was impressive considering they were at such close quarters with the audience.”

The company’s 11 days in Scotland included numerous chances to watch other performances during the festival and additional sightseeing, and ended with gratitude for the singular opportunity. The trip was financed by a unique and successful crowdfunding initiative, with the company further supported and followed online by an enthusiastic Hope family across its journey. H2 made its feelings clear on its Facebook page: “We couldn’t feel more loved and supported by you all. Thank you for joining and supporting us in this life-changing experience! You will forever remain in our hearts!”

More about the trip is available online, including H2’s Facebook page through which the company chronicled its experience; the April 2016 News from Hope College story that provided a preview; and news releases about the company’s selection for the festival and its recent performance of Dieser Ort on campus. Enjoy!

Photos by Erik Alberg ’90