Thank You!

There is an aphorism to the effect that trees are planted for the next generation.

To teach is much the same — although the results are often more immediate and observable. Both are acts of giving and faith, a commitment to a future hoped for and unseen.

The eight faculty retiring this year have devoted a combined 249 years helping Hope students grow, together building a forest one precious life at a time.

NOTE: As with Hope’s faculty retirees of the past several years, our stories about each are online, where they will remain, a lasting tribute available around the world. Just like the thousands of current students and alumni whose lives they helped shape.

Dr. Rhoda Burton

DuMez Associate Professor of English

23 years

Dr. Peter Gonthier

Professor of Physics

40 years

Dr. Stephen Hemenway

Betty Roelofs ’53 Miller Professor of English

51 years

Dr. Vicki Isola

Assistant Professor of Biology Instruction

22 years

Kelly Jacobsma

Genevra Thome Begg Dean of Libraries

35 years

Nancy Scholten ’82 Kamstra

Associate Professor of Kinesiology Instruction

13 years

Dr. John Lunn

The Robert W. Haack Professor of Economics

31 years

Todd Swanson

Associate Professor of Mathematics

34 years