Outstanding Ensemble

Nineteen longtime members of the faculty are retiring this year. How to celebrate 19 tenures totaling 600+ years? It starts here, with these winsome portraits. But then, please, visit the college online for photographs and biographical sketches. And most of all, if you get a chance, say to them, as we do here: THANK YOU! You made a difference, and you will be missed.

Barry Bandstra

Professor of Religion and Director of Academic Computing

38 years

Natalie Dykstra

Professor of English

21 years

Nancy Cook

Professor of Education

35 years

Douglas Iverson ’72

Assistant Professor of Economics & Ruch Executive-in-Residence

29 years

Teunis (Tony) Donk

Professor of Education

30 years

Jennifer Gardiner

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Art Instruction

24 years

Albert Bell

Professor of History

43 years

Donna Garrett

Assistant Professor of Nursing

15 years

Steven Hoogerwerf ’77

Associate Professor of Religion

29 years

Kathy Winnett-Murray

Professor of Biology

35 years

Deborah Weiss ’75 Sturtevant

Professor of Social Work

33 years

Steve Nelson

Associate Professor of Art

32 years

K. Greg Murray

T. Elliot Weier Professor of Plant Science

35 years

Patricia Roehling

Professor of Psychology

34 years

Dede Johnston

Guy Vander Jagt Professor of Communication

27 years

Tom Smith

Dr. Leon A. Bosch ’29 Professor of Management

28 years

Bruce McCombs

Professor of Art

52 years

Richard Smith

Professor of Theatre

49 years

Marty Weener ’85 LaBarge

Associate Professor of Accounting

14 years

The portraits on these pages were created for Hope by U.K.-based artist Christy Johnson using photographs provided by News from Hope College from the college’s collection.