Joshua Watkin ’94

Joshua David Watkin, certified arborist and owner of Watkin Tree Pro in Holland, MI, passed away while on the job on Monday afternoon, August 16th, 2021. Joshua was 50 years old and is survived by his beloved wife of 28 years, Amy, and their six children, Joshua and his wife Tiffany, Anna, Alexa, Micah, Elizabeth, and Isaac, as well as two grandchildren, Llewyn and Elijah and several nieces and nephews.

Joshua was born in Hamilton, New York, in 1971, to parents Keith and Mary Louise Watkin, and has three treasured younger sisters: Sarah, Christiana and Leah all living in Holland. Except for three years spent in Sierra Leone (from ages 8 to 11) with his parents, Joshua grew up on his family farm in upstate New York. He graduated from Hamilton High School in 1989.

After Joshua graduated from high school, he spent one year doing mission work in Costa Rica before coming to Holland, MI to attend Hope College. There, he studied English and met his wife, Amy.

Joshua had a work ethic that was unparalleled, and he built the business, Watkin Tree Pro, from the ground up. Joshua was incredibly skilled at what he did, and he always worked with intention and integrity. His work was not only a means of provision for his family, but also a way to serve his community and his employees.

The most important person in Josh’s life was his wife, Amy. Their relationship, from the beginning, was one to be admired. No matter the setting, Josh and Amy could be found together sharing in laughter and joy. Together, they made the best out of difficult situations and somehow managed to turn them into their best memories.

Josh reflected Christ in the way he was compassionate, generous, loving, caring, and hardworking. He strived to help everyone he met and serve his community, but his greatest joy came from spending time with his beloved family.

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