Marjorie Dykema ’53 Visscher

Marjorie (Marge) A. Visscher moved on to her heavenly home on August 20th, 2020, and will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. Marjorie passed away in Holland, MI at the age of 89.

Marjorie was born in Muskegon MI, on August 19, 1931. Marjorie is preceded in death by her father and mother, Herman and Alice Dykema, and her sisters Harriet (Harvey) Laackman and Florence (Elmer) Morgan. She is survived by her husband, Robert, son Steven (Cathleen), daughters Beth (Rick) Nielsen and Linn, grandchildren Sara, Christina, Rachel, Cecelia, and Nicholas, brother Alan (Mary Jane) Dykema, and numerous nieces and nephews.

Marjorie graduated from Hope College in 1953, B. A. Education, and soon thereafter married the love of her life, Bob. Throughout her life she supported Bob and thereby greatly contributed to the success of his various roles in medicine, from medical student, to intern and resident, naval physician, private practitioner, and executive director of American Society for Reproductive Medicine. She was the Chief Operating Officer of her family and kept the structure of the home and everyone’s lives intact. Her primary focus, in addition to Bob, was raising her three children. Marge was a “wonder” mother who loved her kids dearly and taught them curiosity, kindness, empathy, independence, honesty, the joy of living, and other Christian values. Marge was an active and playful grandmother, a role which she found immeasurably joyful and humorous. She enjoyed playing tennis, riding her bicycle, skiing, and hiking; her family remembers many a trip sharing those activities with her. Marjorie was kind, caring, empathetic and non- judgmental to her friends and acquaintances. She valued being of service to others and devoted her free time to children, church and community.

Marjorie taught 3rd grade in Ann Arbor, MI and was a substitute teacher in Traverse City and in the Grand Rapids area. She spent a significant amount of time as a volunteer tutor. She led numerous boy scout and campfire girl troops, and was a long- time, active member of the PTA.

Marjorie was active in all her churches throughout her life, including Fifth Reformed Church in Grand Rapids, MI, Christ Memorial Church and Pillar Church in Holland, MI, and First Presbyterian Church of Fort Lauderdale, FL. Her commitment ranged from singing in the choir, to serving on planning and building committees, teaching and organizing Sunday school programs, and supporting refugee families. She also held leadership positions in the Guild for Christian Service and Women’s Circles.

Marjorie served on the board of directors of Bethany Christian Services in Grand Rapids, volunteered with programs including the “Other Way” Community Center in Grand Rapids and the New Hope Baptist Church Lunch Program, and provided transportation and located resources for needy persons through FISH (Fellowship in Serving Him) and Operation “Second Mile.“ She was a member of the Kent County Medical Society Auxiliary for 25 years and a member of the Women’s Committee of the Grand Rapids Symphony. Marjorie directed spouse-guest activities for the American Society for Reproductive Medicine from 1991 to 1996.

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