Scott Baar ’84

Our hearts are heavy having said goodbye to an incredible man on Saturday, May 8, 2021. Scott Randall Baar, steadfast in his love for his family and friends, led a quiet life grounded in honesty and integrity.

His passion for sailing, creating a successful business partnership with Ron, always putting others first, and stepping back so others shined defined him.

He leaves behind Lisa, Matt, Ellie, B, Koraima, George, Stella, Sarah, Steve, Zach, Morgan, Ella, Annie, Ed, Hannah, Connor, Heidi, Joelle, DJ, uncle John and uncle Jim, aunt Mary, Tom, Mike, Betsie, Steve, Ann, Bill and his beloved mother, Judy Baar. He joins his dad, Randy Baar.

He set his sails and went out to sea.

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