Patrick McElgunn ’10 and Shannon Dudley ’10 McElgunn

Patrick McElgunn ’10 and Shannon Dudley
’10 McElgunn co-founded Grove Tea Lounge
in their hometown of Midland, Michigan,
with friends in February 2019. Grove has
been featured in multiple local and regional
publications in addition to receiving national
attention in Fresh Cup Magazine. Additionally,
Grove Tea Lounge was just named #3 Coffee
Shop and #3 Best Small Business by the
Midland community for 2019. Grove Tea
Lounge focuses on fostering community in its
space by delivering a broad selection of teas,
signature lattes, and house-made food options
great for breakfast, lunch, or a quick treat all
while striving to be the best stewards as possible
of the resources that God has blessed them with.
In addition to running and growing Grove Tea
Lounge, Shannon and Patrick have helped to
impact thousands as Certified Health Coaches
focused on helping people establish life-long
healthy habits through a combination of tailored
nutrition, education, community support, and
personalized one-on-one coaching. They and
their team work with hundreds of individuals
every week not only to help them work towards a
healthy weight, but also to begin making strides
on their mental, emotional and physical health.
They report that somewhere between those two
businesses, their three kids under the age of five,
church involvement and other obligations they
somehow find time to sleep.

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