Lynne Kurzenberger ’76 Wissink-Tressler

A  traffic signal about 1,300 miles from Hope led to a new friendship for Russ Kraay ’49 and Lynne Kurzenberger ’76 Wissink-Tressler. Lynne was waiting at a red light in Fort Myers, Florida, when she noticed a Hope license plate frame on the vehicle ahead of her. The other driver went straight and she turned left, and that might have been the end of it but she couldn’t help but wonder who she might have seen. She contacted the Alumni Office, which, to help solve the mystery, emailed alums in the area, and she received a response from Russ, turns out, lives just two miles away. The two have since connected over lunch, reminiscing about life at Hope and finding that they knew many of the same people— including, of course, the legendary professor D. Ivan Dykstra ’35, who taught at Hope from 1946 until retiring in 1980 — despite there being 27 years between when each was atthe college

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