Tracey Forbes ’03 Hoesch

The Hope College Alumni Association Board of Directors has appointed four new members.
The board’s new members are: Craig DeSousa ’72 of Garden City, New York; Liam Naumann ’25 of Wyckoff, New Jersey; Marissa Solorzano ’19 of Grand Rapids, Michigan; and Gaye van den Hombergh ’81 of Lincolnshire, Illinois. (Pictured clockwise starting from the top left.)
The board’s three officers are continuing to serve in their roles for a second year. They are: president, Tracey Forbes ’03 Hoesch of Ann Arbor, Michigan; vice president, Tonisha Gordon ’09 of Perrysburg, Ohio; and secretary, Dr. Kiersten Krause ’97 of Holland.
Naod Estifanos ’23 of Traverse City, Michigan, formerly senior-class representative, was appointed representative of the most recent graduating class. Alyson Davis ’24 of Palatine, Illinois, who was formerly junior-class representative, was appointed senior-class representative.
The board members who have completed their service are: Thomas Doran ’97 of Smyrna, Georgia; Grace Purdue ’22 of Grand Rapids, Michigan; and Scott Watson ’86 of Indianapolis, Indiana.

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