Thomas Johnson ’77

Thomas Johnson ’77 of Prague, Czech Republic, represented the World Evangelical Alliance and the 600 million members of its churches in relation to the Vatican. This includes interacting with multiple departments of the Vatican. In February he began representing evangelicals in a multi-year series of Vatican-led consultations with about 40 scholars, diplomats and religious leaders (including several nonChristian leaders) to try to find new solutions to the complex set of problems surrounding what they see as the highest levels ever of religiously motivated violence, terrorism and religious persecution. In addition to top Catholic officials and scholars, it includes representatives from the UN, the Nobel Committee, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and top NGOs specialized in this set of topics. The first edition of his book, Human Rights: A Christian Primer, was published in 2008 by the World Evangelical Alliance. The second edition was published in 2016, jointly on behalf of the WEA and a Vatican-based think tank; it is now distributed by both Evangelical and Roman Catholic institutions. Download available.

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