Mary Jo Coughenour ’78 Baker

Mary Jo Coughenour ’78 Baker has edited
and published two volumes (available through
Amazon/Kindle) in collaboration with her
dad, The Rev. Dr. Robert A. Coughenour, a
Hope College professor 1969 to 1975, and 1974
H.O.P.E. award recipient. The first two books,
from a series of four, are: In Pursuit of Wisdom:
A Memoir, Vol. 1. Essays, Biblical & Theological
Writings; and In Pursuit of Wisdom: From the Pulpit,
Vol. 2. Sermons. Volumes 3 and 4 are underway
and are titled: And the Stones Cry Out! Vol. 3.
Archaeological Pursuits; and Community Connections,
Vol. 4. Community Concerns, Tributes, and Creative
Writing. The four books cover six decades of
teaching and preaching, professing a profound
sense of God’s presence in the world.

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