Kristin Sikkenga ’93 Northrop

Kristin Sikkenga ’93 Northrop reports that
in addition to a full-time position as a special
education teacher and department chair for Ann
Arbor Public Schools, she is also venturing into
two part-time careers. In 2017, she earned her
STOTT Pilates Instructor Certification, and
she teaches Pilates part time for a local Pilates
studio and YMCA. In 2018, she wrote her first
children’s book with her husband, Brad. The
colorfully illustrated book, Akeina the Crocodile,
was published by Fifth Avenue Press and can
be purchased online through the Seattle Book
Company. The children’s book is about an
adventurous crocodile named Akeina who
discovers the world using all of her senses on a
journey to visit her friend, Tiger.

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