Rosezina Bard ’71

Rosezina Bard ’71 is in her second year of teaching overseas in Micronesia. Last year she was a volunteer teacher with World Teach in Micronesia, teaching both ninth grade English and kindergarten. She reports that she was blessed to be able to use both of her teaching certificates. This year she is teaching with a contract from the Department of Education and is teaching kindergarten and serving as a mentor teacher for four recent college graduates in a new pilot elementary program. The most rewarding and fulfilling part of her journey to Micronesia is the teaching of children’s church in two local Chuukese churches. She writes, “I am asking my fellow alumni for continued prayers. I challenge Hope students to take advantage of any study abroad programs at Hope. It will change your life. It did mine. I am still grateful for my year abroad in Grenoble, France.”

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