Quote, Unquote: Ira Flatow

Acclaimed NPR Science Friday host Ira Flatow has been sharing his enthusiasm for science with the public for more than 40 years, including previously on the Emmy-winning Newton’s Apple on PBS. On Tuesday, Oct. 15, he addressed a likewise enthusiastic audience at Hope, presenting “Catalysts of Creation” to a crowd of hundreds — students, faculty … Continue reading “Quote, Unquote: Ira Flatow”

Hope is … transformational

Hope was established as a college in the Reformed tradition, which affirms the centrality of Scripture and the importance of learning. We are committed to freedom of inquiry in the pursuit of truth and knowledge in every field of study, confident that all truth is God’s truth. We also affirm that knowledge is not an … Continue reading “Hope is … transformational”

Campus Scene

from blogs.hope.edu “So significant are each of these books that they have themselves been the subject of a number of books and articles.” Of course, the Van Wylen Library increases its collection every year with hundreds of new books across the spectrum of the liberal arts to enlighten scholarship and learning. Some really old books … Continue reading “Campus Scene”

A Bold Vision for a New Era

Fully funded tuition among top priorities in inaugural address President Matthew A. Scogin ’02 shared a bold vision for Hope during his inauguration just a few weeks into the semester: fully funded tuition. “My objective is to raise enough scholarship and aid money in our endowment so that one day Hope College would not need … Continue reading “A Bold Vision for a New Era”

$1.56 trillion National student loan debt Source: U.S. Federal Reserve
44.7 million Number of Americans with student loan debt Source: U.S. Federal Reserve
59% Number of Hope students attend with the support of need-based aid
$40 million Annual financial aid awards from Hope College
$1 million Additional Hope College scholarship aid new for 2019-2020
$24,183 Average financial aid package for 2018-2019 Hope College first year students

Missional Research About Missionary Work

How One Faculty-Student Project Became a Book A little more than six summers ago, Dr. Gloria Tseng sent six Hope students into the Joint Archives of Holland on a mission that was both institutionally and educationally missional: Conduct research for eight weeks and then write a scholarly paper for presentation purposes about any aspect of … Continue reading “Missional Research About Missionary Work”

Iron-Clad Education

“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17 (NIV) A nationally recognized kinetic sculptor and installation artist in her own right, Hope Assistant Professor of Art Lisa Walcott has worked in a wide range of mediums over the years. Yet as she notes, “sculpture is a field that encompasses many diverse processes. … Continue reading “Iron-Clad Education”

Learning from Listening

Can a Podcast Change the World? If there was a line graph that charted student success and well-being, David Theune ’99 would’ve placed his student solidly on its upward curve. Smart and sociable, with a solid group of friends, the high school junior was liked and respected by her teachers and many of her peers. … Continue reading “Learning from Listening”

10 Under 10

Ten Who Are Making a Difference Travel the Internet with the terms “millennial” and “stereotype” as your guide, and the message becomes pretty clear: The cohort born between 1980 and 2003 is perceived as entitled, lazy and high maintenance. To get to know the Hope grads celebrated through the “10 Under 10 Awards” program is … Continue reading “10 Under 10”

Window to Hope’s History: Sibs and Emmys Celebrate a Century

Siblings in the college’s Greek system, the Sibylline sorority and Emersonian fraternity also share a birth year in 1919. In the century since they were founded, thousands of students have built and continued traditions of friendship and service that have thrived to the present. Today, there are more than 2,000 living Sib and Emersonian alumni, … Continue reading “Window to Hope’s History: Sibs and Emmys Celebrate a Century”