Distinctive Hope: Surprise Visit

The musical ensemble Mucca Pazza pays a surprise visit to Phelps Hall Dining Hall while at Hope in November through the Great Performance Series. Beyond contributing to campus and community cultural and intellectual life through public events, each year’s many guest artists and speakers further enrich students’ experience by providing additional opportunities to interact with … Continue reading “Distinctive Hope: Surprise Visit”

From the President: Rev. Dennis N. Voskuil, Ph.D.

Dear Friends, I am excited about this issue of News From Hope College — and not because of the cover story! It is humbling to open this magazine and find my story within the very same pages that share such inspirational stories about our alumni, students and employees. From cover to cover, you’ll find a … Continue reading “From the President: Rev. Dennis N. Voskuil, Ph.D.”

Campus Scene

FRESHMAN SWEEP The freshman Class of 2021 swept both the Pull tug-of-war and the Nykerk Cup competition this fall. The freshmen were matched against the sophomore Class of 2020 in the two historic contests. The Pull was first held in 1898, and Nykerk in 1936. The freshmen defeated the sophomores by a narrow six feet, … Continue reading “Campus Scene”

One of the Best

Hope continues to earn national recognition for its long-standing tradition of teaching students through participation in research experiences. The Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) has presented Hope with a 2017 Campus-Wide Award for Undergraduate Research Accomplishments (AURA) for the high quality of its program. Now in its third year, the award draws from CUR’s Characteristics … Continue reading “One of the Best”

Let’s Talk

In today’s America, a craggy schism rocks almost any brand of public discourse, leaving deep welts of incivility on families, communities, the workplace and, of course, college campuses. For a country that has (or had?) prided itself on open dialogue, a remarkable number of people now shy away from controversial discussions for fear of immediate, … Continue reading “Let’s Talk”

Community in Christ

The muffled tap of felt-bottomed pieces on a chessboard. Queen to king’s rook 3. Knight’s pawn captures pawn. And then a mistake. An unnoticed piece slides diagonally to take the queen, and one of the players quips with a grin, “You Protestants — always forgetting about the bishops.” Sure, it sounds like the punchline to … Continue reading “Community in Christ”

Where Artwork Grows

The Leona M. and Jacob E. Nyenhuis Sculpture Garden complements the Kruizenga Art Museum, itself designed as a piece of interactive sculpture, by extending the celebration of art beyond the building’s walls to the grounds that gently surround it. Dedicated on Saturday, Oct. 14, during Homecoming Weekend, the space features five works in the Abstract … Continue reading “Where Artwork Grows”

From Seed to Harvest

“Participating in the SEED program is an incredible opportunity where you can serve others, see God’s work in the global church, learn about a different culture, and find brothers and sisters in Christ at home and abroad.”

The Right Chemistry

Dimnent Memorial Chapel has hosted many alumni weddings through the years. Frequently, Hope peers are in the party. Often, treasured faculty mentors are invited to attend. And sometimes, members of the faculty or staff (typically religion, or Campus Ministries) have even officiated. Saturday, July 29, was almost certainly the first time, though, that chemistry professors … Continue reading “The Right Chemistry”

Always Invested

Billy Mayer, who died unexpectedly at his home on Saturday, Nov. 11, at age 64, made it clear that it was possible to take art seriously and still have fun.

Generational Students

Conventional wisdom says that a repeat customer signals a good experience, but that’s not really an appropriate model to use for a college (although Hope welcomes students who have left and return!). In the end, it’s more meaningful that many parents who attended Hope are happy to see their children do the same. Pictured are … Continue reading “Generational Students”

Closing Look: Timeless Classics

The Pull tug-of-war and the Nykerk Cup competition travel as living history, journeying across generations to the present from the last decade of the 19th century and the fourth decade of the 20th. Although on the most basic level they express class rivalry — freshmen versus sophomores, even-years versus odd-years — the differences only matter … Continue reading “Closing Look: Timeless Classics”