Hope is … faithful

Hope College is a Christian community that invites all its members into a holistic and robust engagement with the historic Christian faith and a personal encounter with the living Christ through the Holy Spirit. We are guided and challenged in mutual journey by three aspirations — to be faithful, to be welcoming and to be … Continue reading “Hope is … faithful”

Campus Scene

from blogs.hope.edu “While staring at a stone, I’ve witnessed a whole culture — gossip in Latin on the walls, pleas for remembrance during a plague, a whole host of animals and faces, staves of music carefully laid out, building plans and even reminders to pray.” As she has shared in “The Accidental Archaeologist” on the … Continue reading “Campus Scene”

“The Perfect Leader for Hope’s Next Chapter”

Matthew A. Scogin ’02 named 14th president It is telling that when Matthew A. Scogin ’02 spoke to the college’s staff in November as a presidential candidate, the crowd that packed the room seemed ready to stand up and cheer. His heartfelt understanding of, and appreciation for, Hope had that strong an effect. “As a … Continue reading ““The Perfect Leader for Hope’s Next Chapter””

Who was A.J. Muste?

Tell me you’ve heard of him: Abraham Johannes Muste (1885-1967), labor leader, world-renowned pacifist and probably Hope’s most famous alumnus. Born in the Netherlands, Muste immigrated to Grand Rapids with his family in 1891; he graduated from Hope College in 1905, valedictorian, captain of the basketball team, president of his fraternity (the Fraters, of course), … Continue reading “Who was A.J. Muste?”