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Norma Hoffman ’52 Richardson
Norma Hoffman ’52 Richardson retired in July after 54 years as a Spanish professor at Central Michigan University. She was tenured as a full- time professor in August 1967. She graduated from Hope with a major in Spanish, and received her M.A. in Spanish from the State University of Iowa, Iowa City, in 1954. She … Continue reading "Norma Hoffman ’52 Richardson"


Darrel Staat ’64
Darrel Staat ’64 had his fourth book, Student Focused Learning: Higher Education in an Exponential Digital Era, published on June 15, 2020. The book can be used by 21st century educators in higher education to learn what teaching methods already exist, different from the lecture/ discussion method, that support student focused learning. He joined the … Continue reading "Darrel Staat ’64"
Cindy Hill ’64 Wackerbarth and Paul Wackerbarth ’64
Cindy Hill ’64 Wackerbarth and Paul Wackerbarth ’64 celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on August 23, 2019.
Richard Timmer ’68
Richard Timmer ’68 is the chairman of the Chippewa County Road Commission and was elected president of the County Road Association of Michigan representing all 83 county road agencies.
Barbara Timmer ’69
Barbara Timmer ’69 has been getting together regularly with her Sigma alumnae group, Sarah Baas ’71, Mary Browning ’69 Vanden Berg, Mary Piers ’68 George, Gail Parker ’72 Westerhof, Christy Zuverink ’69 Vanderhill, Jayne Olsen ’68 Geribo, Mary Schakel ’69, Bonnie Brandsma ’69 Mannes, Joyce Nelson ’67 Nilsen, Patti Dykstra ’69 Felix, Jill Leach ’70 … Continue reading "Barbara Timmer ’69"


George Bennett ’72
George Bennett ’72 retired from his second career as a rostered deacon assigned to the Lower Susquehanna Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America after 13 years and will continue to reside in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.
Scott Lenheiser ’74
Scott Lenheiser ’74 continues to practice law, primarily business and estate planning, and advises entrepreneurs’ concerns in the greater Detroit- Wayne and Oakland counties in Michigan. He exhibited at the annual Holland Gun and Knife Show on Saturday, Feb. 22. He has only missed exhibiting at this show a few times since 1987. He attended … Continue reading "Scott Lenheiser ’74"
Karen Johnson-Wiener ’75
Karen Johnson-Wiener ’75 had her book The Lives of Amish Women published by Johns Hopkins University Press. The book explores Amish women’s lives, looking at the contexts in which they grow up, the activities in which they engage, the values they come to espouse as members of particular church communities and the roles they define … Continue reading "Karen Johnson-Wiener ’75"
Sue Poppink ’75
Sue Poppink ’75 has achieved the rank of full professor in the Department of Educational Leadership of the College of Education and Human Development at Western Michigan University.
Jerrianna van Gessel ’76 Boer
Jerrianna van Gessel ’76 Boer retired from Hart-Ransom Union School District in Modesto, California. She began her teaching career teaching English, German and drama at Ripon Christian High School; next taught junior high English and social studies for 13 years at Hart-Ransom; and then served as principal of the K-8 school for 15 years. She … Continue reading "Jerrianna van Gessel ’76 Boer"
Jean Lightowler ’77 Kirchner
Jean Lightowler ’77 Kirchner retired this June from federal service having served 15 years with the U.S. Navy as a training director with the Naval Education and Training Command. She received the Superior Civilian Service Award. She retired from the State of Illinois University System in 2010. She now looks forward to reading, drawing, painting … Continue reading "Jean Lightowler ’77 Kirchner"
James Lampert ’77
James Lampert ’77 reports that he is retired and living blissfully in Toronto, Ontario. He has published his first book, The Tao of Canada, a new translation of the Tao Te Ching for the discerning Canadian lifestyle. It imagines Lao Tzu traversing the Trans-Canada Highway and then stopping into a Tim Horton’s for a double- … Continue reading "James Lampert ’77"
Mary Jo Coughenour ’78 Baker
Mary Jo Coughenour ’78 Baker has volunteered as secretary for the Historic Kenwood Neighborhood Association since 2017, earning the HKNA President’s Award 2019. Her neighborhood won the City of St. Petersburg Communications Award and two Honorable Mention Awards 2020, and was awarded NUSA National Neighborhood of the Year 2020. She initiated, co-authored, compiled and edited … Continue reading "Mary Jo Coughenour ’78 Baker"
Vicki Visscher ’78 Olson
Vicki Visscher ’78 Olson has retired from the University of New Mexico in Gallup, New Mexico, after teaching biology for more than 30 years.
Sheryl Radike ’79 Page
Sheryl Radike ’79 Page along with Sandy Busman ’79 Cott, Cindy McOwen ’79 Poole and Mim Miller ’79 Brada traveled to Buena Vista, Colorado, for their biennial reunion. The four met the first day of freshman year while living in Kollen Hall and have maintained their long-distance friendship for 45 years.


Mark Plosila ’81
Mark Plosila ’81 retired from the State of Florida after 20 years of service. He began his career as an investigator and two years later was promoted to supervisor of an 11- county area. Seven years later he became an inspector. Although he received several citations during his career, the highlight was the President’s National … Continue reading "Mark Plosila ’81"
Mary De Vries ’84 Harrington
Mary De Vries ’84 Harrington has recently retired as the food safety and quality manager after 35 years of employment with General Mills working at the Yoplait facility in Reed City, Michigan. She and her husband, Chris, live in Paris, Michigan, where they operate a beef cattle farm. They have recently taken up white water … Continue reading "Mary De Vries ’84 Harrington"
Rob Berstrom ’86
Rob Berstrom ’86 is the SAP integration manager with Toledo Molding and Die, a division of Grammer AG. In this new role he will be in charge of the upcoming implementation of SAP R3 and Hanna for the North American locations. He has been with Toledo Molding and Die since 2015.
Deborah Heydenburg ’87 Fuller
Deborah Heydenburg ’87 Fuller is a professor in the department of microbiology at the University of Washington and chief of infectious diseases and translational medicine division at the Washington National Primate Research Center. Her lab developed a promising COVID-19 vaccine that entered phase 1 human clinical trials in September 2020. This next generation vaccine could … Continue reading "Deborah Heydenburg ’87 Fuller"
Larry Wagenaar ’87
Larry Wagenaar ’87 has been reappointed to the Michigan Historical Commission for a term ending in 2024 by Michigan’s Governor Gretchen Whitmer. He was first appointed in 2012 and provides oversight to the state’s Michigan History Center and also operates the Michigan Historic Marker Program. He was also elected vice president of the Cultural Advocacy … Continue reading "Larry Wagenaar ’87"
Dan Boerigter ’88
Dan Boerigter ’88 was elected chairperson of the board of directors of SoundOff Signal, a global leader in emergency lighting based in Hudsonville, Michigan. He continues to practice law in Minneapolis, Minnesota, as a partner in the firm of Yost & Baill. He and his wife, Christina Eisenmann ’88 Boerigter, currently have two sons enrolled … Continue reading "Dan Boerigter ’88"
Harry Coffill ’89
Harry Coffill ’89 is entering his third year teaching for Godfrey-Lee Public Schools serving as library-media specialist for students in grades K-12. He reports that, like any teacher is finding, this year is serving up peculiar challenges, but he is proud to be working with the “Legends” at Godfrey-Lee.


Jim Breyfogle ’90
Jim Breyfogle ’90 has his first book The Tales of the Mongoose and Meerkat published.
Kelly Phillips ’91 Nichols
Kelly Phillips ’91 Nichols has coauthored and published the young adult historical fiction eBook, Beyond the Dragonhead – A Viking Adventure. It has earned “#1 New Release” in its genre.
John Suchan ’92
John Suchan ’92 started the Johnny Cleveland Podcast at
Shelly Woolman ’93 Cornish
Shelly Woolman ’93 Cornish has retired from Alpena Public Schools after 25 years in education as both a teacher and a principal. Her husband also retired from his career as an orthopedic surgeon, so as young retirees they are enjoying time hiking, mountain biking and sailing. They are also planning a through-hike on the Appalachian … Continue reading "Shelly Woolman ’93 Cornish"
Julie Phillipps ’94
Julie Phillipps ’94 wrote and illustrated her first graphic novel, Pacey Packer Unicorn Tracker. The book is a humorous adventure about a girl who travels to a magical land to rescue her little sister from an evil unicorn. This middle-grade- graphic novel is the first in a series published by Random House Graphics. She has … Continue reading "Julie Phillipps ’94"
Hillary Heinze ’97
Hillary Heinze ’97 was recently appointed chairperson of the University of Michigan- Flint’s department of psychology. After graduating from Hope, she received her doctorate in clinical psychology at Wayne State University. As part of the requirements for her Ph.D., she spent two years conducting pre- doctoral research at Yale University.
Mandy Fry ’98 Eldred
Mandy Fry ’98 Eldred is the facility and event services manager at the Kalamazoo County Parks and Expo Center.
Ryan Janus ’98
Ryan Janus ’98 was named Musician of the Year by the United States Air Force band of Mid-America out of Scott Air Force Base, Illinois. He reports that he will be forever grateful to the world-class musical instruction at Hope, which helped him achieve his dream of touring the world playing music. He and his … Continue reading "Ryan Janus ’98"
Kathryn Nichols ’99 Campbell
Kathryn Nichols ’99 Campbell serves as pastor at Fellowship Presbyterian Church in Greensboro, North Carolina. Prior to starting this position in June, she and her husband, Austin, welcomed their second child, Archer Grayson, on Jan. 23.
Darcy Carmichael ’99
Darcy Carmichael ’99 and Chad Carmichael announce the birth of their 14th child, Isla Grace Josephine on July 18, 2020.


Eric Goodman ’00
Eric Goodman ’00 joined the law firm Brown Rudnick LLP as a partner in its bankruptcy and corporate restructuring practice group in Washington, D.C.
Elizabeth Stancik ’01 Barksdale
Elizabeth Stancik ’01 Barksdale is the director of regulatory affairs and scientific policy at LUNGevity Foundation, the nation’s premier lung cancer-focused non profit organization. She most recently served as the assistant director for regulatory science and policy at the American Association for Cancer Research.
Taylor Werkman ’01 Halliday
Taylor Werkman ’01 Halliday earned a master’s degree in integrated curriculum from the American College of Education. She also earned the gifted education endorsement on her Ohio teaching license in the summer of 2020.
Christina Stavros ’01 Kidonakis
Christina Stavros ’01 Kidonakis and Anthony Kidonakis announce the birth of Georgios Panagiotis-Stavros on July 17, 2020.
Michelle Smith ’04 Sandeen
Michelle Smith ’04 Sandeen and her husband, Andrew, have adopted Devin Nehemiah, who is 3 years old and had been living with them as a foster son for more than two years. He joins older siblings Zarya and Jarod, who are glad that Devin is finally an official part of the family. Michelle is still … Continue reading "Michelle Smith ’04 Sandeen"
Lindsey Kuipers ’05 Compton
Lindsey Kuipers ’05 Compton and James Compton announce the birth of Hadley Anna on Sept. 27, 2019.
Helen Fylstra ’05
Helen Fylstra ’05 left the field of education in December 2019 and became a licensed social worker in February. She is working as a clinical therapist at Olimene Counseling Services in Bolingbrook, Illinois.
Christopher Meeusen ’06
Christopher Meeusen ’06 and Laura Post Meeusen announce the birth of Silas Matthias on Aug. 14, 2020. He joins his brothers Gabriel and Lucas.
Laura Dow ’07
Laura Dow ’07 of Stonington, Connecticut, was one of six educators and parents from around the country who participated in an online expert panel on hosted by Rolling Stone and SheKnows in August. The panel discussed anxieties, hopes and coping skills for the return to school in the fall in light of the COVID-19 … Continue reading "Laura Dow ’07"
Kirsten Gruenberg ’07 Hughey
Kirsten Gruenberg ’07 Hughey graduated from Western Michigan University in August 2020 with a Master of Arts degree in teaching children with visual impairment.
Kristin Stoops ’07 Shuman
Kristin Stoops ’07 Shuman and William Shuman ’07 announce the birth of Myles Thomas on Oct. 8, 2019. He joined big brother Brayden (6).
Matthew Baker ’08
Matthew Baker ’08 of New York City had a new story collection, Why Visit America, published in August by Henry Holt. Named one of Esquire’s “20 Must-Read Books of Summer 2020,” the book received a starred review from Booklist, which wrote: “Bold, captivating, and deeply relevant, Baker’s imaginative stories offer approachable, optimistic perspectives on morally … Continue reading "Matthew Baker ’08"
Addison Haynes ’08
Addison Haynes ’08 received a Master of Business Administration degree from Indiana University’s Kelly School of Business. He reports that he continues to be a change driver with his hospital organization and is looking to improve the quality of health care across the country.
Christopher Erickson ’09
Christopher Erickson ’09 has been a practicing attorney in Indiana since 2012 and was admitted to the Michigan Bar where he is representing Allstate and its insureds in West Michigan. He and his wife, Kathleen, have two children, Logan (4) and Chelsea (1).
Krista Homakie ’09 Francis
Krista Homakie ’09 Francis and her filmmaker husband, Chris, decided to document their journey after they were diagnosed with COVID-19 in March. What they didn’t expect was that four months and more than 20 tests and research studies later, they’d be releasing the first COVID documentary of its kind. The documentary, Making Lemonade: Our COVID-19 … Continue reading "Krista Homakie ’09 Francis"
Elise LaRoche ’09 Hekman
Elise LaRoche ’09 Hekman and Daniel Hekman announce the birth of Felicity Hope on Sept. 4, 2020.
Jill Immink ’09 Knaus
Jill Immink ’09 Knaus and Andy Knaus announce the birth of Sydney Grace on July 20, 2020.
Jacob Wingate ’09
Jacob Wingate ’09 and Mary Cantor ’11 were married on Aug. 2, 2020, officiated by Dr. Ellen Tanis ’90 Awad, Hope College’s associate dean for student life.


Natalie DeGeorge ’10 Nethercott
Natalie DeGeorge ’10 Nethercott and Tyler Nethercott announce the birth of Stella Maris in April 2020, joining Roman Michals (4) and Leo Gabriel (2).
Andrea Eddy ’10 Ricci
Andrea Eddy ’10 Ricci and Fabricio Ricci announce the birth of Bella on May 27, 2020.
Julie Reishus ’10 Peterson and Andrew Peterson ’12
Julie Reishus ’10 Peterson and Andrew Peterson ’12 announce the birth of Junia Violet on Aug. 1, 2020.
Aaron Welsch ’10 and Anna Heckenliable ’11 Welsch
Aaron Welsch ’10 and Anna Heckenliable ’11 Welsch announce the birth of Olivia Rose on Aug. 18, 2020.
Jill Valentino ’11 Brundage and Joseph Brundage ’11
Jill Valentino ’11 Brundage and Joseph Brundage ’11 announce the birth of Nathan Reeder on June 10, 2018. He joins big sister, Claire Sienna.
Mary Cantor ’11
Jacob Wingate ’09 and Mary Cantor ’11 were married on Aug. 2, 2020, officiated by Dr. Ellen Tanis ’90 Awad, Hope College’s associate dean for student life.
Clayton Sommers ’11 and Katlyn Prince ’11 Sommers
Clayton Sommers ’11 and Katlyn Prince ’11 Sommers announce the birth of Mayzie Kate on May 24, 2020.
Eden Collins ’12
Eden Collins ’12 is an assistant professor of sculpture at Stephen F. Austin State University after serving as a visiting assistant professor of sculpture during the 2019-20 school year.
Sarah Sohn ’12 Pittman
Sarah Sohn ’12 Pittman is the assistant principal of discipline and attendance at Washington High School in Phoenix, Arizona.
Kyle Mireles ’13
Kyle Mireles ’13 and Elizabeth Hampton were married in August 2020.
Leah Ewald ’14
Leah Ewald ’14 is a therapist for unaccompanied youth from Latin America with Samaritas in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She received her Master of Social Work degree from Grand Valley State University in May 2020.
Jonathon Hayden ’14 and Paige Fawcett ’15
Jonathon Hayden ’14 and Paige Fawcett ’15 were married on March 7, 2020.
Brittany Lawson ’15 Ryers-Hindbaugh
Brittany Lawson ’15 Ryers-Hindbaugh received a Juris Doctor degree from Washington and Lee University School of Law and passed her West Virginia Bar exam.
Eva Sagastume ’15 and Drew Thomas ’16
Eva Sagastume ’15 and Drew Thomas ’16 were married on Friday, May 17, 2019, in Temecula, California.
Hania Szymczak ’16
GRADS LEAD VIRTUAL PROJECT TO EMPOWER CHOREOGRAPHERS WORLDWIDE Two Hope graduates on opposite sides of the world led a global choreographic residency to provide a bright contrast to the cloudy days of COVID-19. Over 110 choreographers and movers in more than 30 countries on six continents registered to participate in this unique 20-day virtual challenge … Continue reading "Hania Szymczak ’16"
Emily Cook ’17 and Chad Compagner ’17
Emily Cook ’17 and Chad Compagner ’17 were married in May 2020. Emily completed her Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree from Central Michigan University in May 2020.
Chris DuBose ’17 and Payton Hoff ’17
Chris DuBose ’17 and Payton Hoff ’17 were married on Saturday, Sept. 5, in Detroit, Michigan.
Madeline Lacy ’17
Madeline Lacy ’17 and Roelof Jan Elsinga were married on Sept. 1, 2020. They reside in Groningen, Netherlands.
Bailey Towns ’17
Bailey Towns ’17 is a special education teacher at Harland Consolidated Schools.
Daniel Vachon ’17
Daniel Vachon ’17 has enrolled in the doctor of nursing practice program at the University of Michigan School of Nursing, studying to be an adult-gerontology acute care nurse practitioner.
Allison Utting ’18
Allison Utting ’18 and Tyler Burkhardt were married on Saturday, Aug. 1, 2020.
Kelly Arnold ’19 and Jarod Wolters ’19
Kelly Arnold ’19 and Jarod Wolters ’19 were married on Saturday, Aug. 22, in West Olive, Michigan, in the company of their family and wedding party.
Jazlyn Ruiz ’19
GRADS LEAD VIRTUAL PROJECT TO EMPOWER CHOREOGRAPHERS WORLDWIDE Two Hope graduates on opposite sides of the world led a global choreographic residency to provide a bright contrast to the cloudy days of COVID-19. Over 110 choreographers and movers in more than 30 countries on six continents registered to participate in this unique 20-day virtual challenge … Continue reading "Jazlyn Ruiz ’19"


Chandler Alberda ’20
Chandler Alberda ’20 is a digital marketing specialist at Merrell.
Cy Balk ’20
Cy Balk ’20 is a product development and marketing intern at Priority Health.
Jennie Blough ’20
Jennie Blough ’20 is a children’s services specialist for the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.
Madison Brechbuhler ’20
Madison Brechbuhler ’20 is a marketing coordinator at Brechbuhler Scales Inc. in Canton, Ohio.
Elena Budinsky ’20 and Brandon Derstine ’19
Elena Budinsky ’20 and Brandon Derstine ’19 were married in August 2020. Elena moved to Palo Alto where Brandon is working on his doctorate in chemistry at Stanford University and she enrolled in Stanford Health’s new graduate RN program. She started in October on the medical cardiac floor.
Kaitlin Carl ’20
Kaitlin Carl ’20 is a pre-K teacher at Calvary Young Children’s School in Nashville, Tennessee.
Carleigh Eidson ’20
Carleigh Eidson ’20 is pursuing an occupational therapy degree at Grand Valley State University.
Sarajane Fortier ’20
Sarajane Fortier ’20 is attending the University of Indianapolis Krannert School of Physical Therapy.
Kira Goetz ’20
Kira Goetz ’20 is a nurse at Ascenson Saint Thomas Rutherford Hospital in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.
Krista Graverson ’20
Krista Graverson ’20 is a centralized insurance services associate for Northwestern Mutual.
Casey Gunther ’20
Casey Gunther ’20 is a paraprofessional at Ottawa Area Center in Allendale, Michigan.
Brittany Henkin ’20
Brittany Henkin ’20 is a student success coach at City Year Detroit, an AmeriCorps program.
Gina Horsburgh ’20
Gina Horsburgh ’20 is a kindergarten teacher at North Creek Elementary in Chelsea, Michigan.
Kathryn Joachim ’20
Kathryn Joachim ’20 is an artist educator with Kentucky Shakespeare, one of the longest- running free Shakespeare festivals in the country and the largest in-school arts providers in the Kentucky commonwealth.
Cherish Joe ’20
Cherish Joe ’20 is attending graduate school at the Universidad de Alcala in Madrid, Spain, and is working as an English teacher at a local Spanish middle school.
Savannah Johnson ’20
Savannah Johnson ’20 is a business analyst at Meijer.
Julia Keisling ’20
Julia Keisling ’20 is a genetic counselor assistant at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan.
Daniel Kroeze ’20
Daniel Kroeze ’20 is a junior business analyst for Rutherford and Associates in Holland, Michigan.
Riley Lentz ’20
Riley Lentz ’20 has a sixth grade English Language Arts teaching position at Gull Lake Middle School.
Elizabeth Leon ’20
Elizabeth Leon ’20 is a realtor at Five Star Lakeshore in Holland, Michigan.
Jasmine Love ’20
Jasmine Love ’20 is attending graduate school at University of Michigan School of Social Work on the welfare of children and families pathway. She is also a case reviewer for CPS in the school’s child and adolescent data lab.
Julian Lugo ’20
Julian Lugo ’20 is a case coordinator at the Ottawa County Children’s Advocacy Center.
Ella Marx ’20
Ella Marx ’20 is pursuing a Master of Social Work degree from University of Michigan.
Rebeca Masis Cubero ’20 and Veronica Vance ’20
Rebeca Masis Cubero ’20 and Veronica Vance ’20 were married on June 27, 2020.
Jessica McAlpine ’20
Jessica McAlpine ’20 is teaching transitional kindergarten at Edgewood Elementary in Muskegon Heights.
Sarah McCoy ’20
Sarah McCoy ’20 is a registered nurse for TriStar Centennial in Nashville, Tennessee.
Mercedes Rede ’20
Mercedes Rede ’20 is a surgery coordinator for the Michigan Spine and Brain Surgeons, PLLC.
Lian Robinson ’20
Lian Robinson ’20 is attending graduate school at Grand Valley State University.
Heaven Silas ’20
Heaven Silas ’20 is pursuing a master’s degree in higher education and working as a graduate assistant for Central Michigan University in the Center for Inclusion and Diversity.
Zach Snoek ’20
Zach Snoek ’20 is a software developer at Faithlife Corporation in Bellingham, Washington.
Caleb Tallquist ’20
Caleb Tallquist ’20 is an associate software engineer at Quicken Loans.
Lauren Thorne ’20
Lauren Thorne ’20 is an undergraduate internship supervisor at Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services in the Psychological Consultation Center.
Alyssa VanZanten ’20
Alyssa VanZanten ’20 is pursuing a Ph.D. in materials science and engineering at Michigan State University.
David Wang ’20
David Wang ’20 is attending graduate school in Notre Dame’s ESTEEM program.
Matthew Werkman ’20
Matthew Werkman ’20 is pursuing a Master of Social Work degree at the University of Michigan with a concentration in interpersonal practice in integrated health, mental health and substance abuse.
Emily Wolfe ’20
Emily Wolfe ’20 is a graduate assistant at Alma College while she is attending Central Michigan University for a master’s in higher education administration.
Sarah Zurawski ’20
Sarah Zurawski ’20 is a kindergarten teacher at a nature-based school in North Carolina.