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Wallace Stoepker ’43
Wallace Stoepker ’43 reports that at age 97, Western Theological Seminary has him listed as the oldest living alumnus. He and his wife, Dorothy, who have celebrated 72 years of marriage, are living in Kalamazoo, Michigan. He spoke at Western’s donor dinner in April 2017
Thomas VanDahm ’48
Thomas VanDahm ’48 had his composition, “Gigue,” a four-part recorder ensemble, published by The American Recorder Society.


Ruth DeGraaf ’50 Dirkse
In the fall of 1929, the daughters of three young Hope professors celebrated together their first birthdays, which were just two months apart. On Sept. 2, Jan Vander Borgh ’50 Ver Helst, Ann Wolters ’50 Fredrickson and Ruth DeGraaf ’50 Dirkse celebrated their 90ths surrounded by family and friends at the Warm Friend, where they all now live.  Lifelong … Continue reading "Ruth DeGraaf ’50 Dirkse"
Ann Wolters ’50 Fredrickson
In the fall of 1929, the daughters of three young Hope professors celebrated together their first birthdays, which were just two months apart. On Sept. 2, Jan Vander Borgh ’50 Ver Helst, Ann Wolters ’50 Fredrickson and Ruth DeGraaf ’50 Dirkse celebrated their 90ths surrounded by family and friends at the Warm Friend, where they all now live.  Lifelong … Continue reading "Ann Wolters ’50 Fredrickson"
Jan Vander Borgh ’50 Ver Helst
In the fall of 1929, the daughters of three young Hope professors celebrated together their first birthdays, which were just two months apart. On Sept. 2, Jan Vander Borgh ’50 Ver Helst, Ann Wolters ’50 Fredrickson and Ruth DeGraaf ’50 Dirkse celebrated their 90ths surrounded by family and friends at the Warm Friend, where they all now live.  Lifelong … Continue reading "Jan Vander Borgh ’50 Ver Helst"
Jack Hunt ’52
Jack Hunt ’52 of Kalamazoo, Michigan, read the spring issue’s story about Latif Jiji, who came to the U.S. from Iraq to attend Hope in the 1940s, with particular interest for a couple of specific reasons. For one, he had roomed with Latif, who helped him with algebra. For another, he, like Latif, found his future changed profoundly … Continue reading "Jack Hunt ’52"
Christine Denny ’56 Connaire
Christine Denny ’56 Connaire married Jonathan Fine in 2014 at the age of 80. He was the founder of Physicians for Human Rights with offices in Boston and New York.
Robert Saunders ’59
Robert Saunders ’59 reports that after 30 years, he sold his business, which he started, to a group of investment bankers and is retiring. He mentioned that it was more fun climbing the mountain than reaching the summit. He and his wife, Karen, are looking forward to spending more time at their lodge on John … Continue reading "Robert Saunders ’59"


Lois Bonnema ’61 Schwartz
Lois Bonnema ’61 Schwartz who writes as Lois Carroll, had her 42nd book published in June. She writes contemporary and historical romantic suspense novels, and her 43rd will be out at the end of this year. Each book sold funds her service project, Sophie’s Smocks, that gives free feeding smocks to kids and adults around … Continue reading "Lois Bonnema ’61 Schwartz"
Paul Hesselink ’62
Paul Hesselink ’62 was honored on June 15 during the 50th-anniversary celebration of the Southern Nevada Chapter of the American Guild of Organists for his service as chair of the chapter’s organ recital series since the series’ inception in 2005. The citation read: “With deep appreciation for your professional contribution and committed service on bringing … Continue reading "Paul Hesselink ’62"
David Wikman ’62
David Wikman ’62 was honored by The Friends of the Hackley Public Library with The Charles H. Hackley Commendation for Service to the Humanities on Monday, May 21. The award is for the individual whose outstanding contributions to the humanities have significantly benefited Muskegon’s citizens and whose leadership has exemplified the ideals set forth by … Continue reading "David Wikman ’62"
Dennis DeWitt ’63
Dennis DeWitt ’63 has written a new book, Zoe Died, What Now? Finding Hope in Times of Loss. It was prompted by the very real grief that people feel when a family dog dies, an experience often endured alone because it lacks the fellowship and ritual that follow the death of a human family member or friend. The book … Continue reading "Dennis DeWitt ’63"
Kristin Blank ’63 Lucas
Kristin Blank ’63 Lucas received the Book of Golden Deeds Award from the Hillsdale Exchange Club. This award recognizes dedicated volunteers who give endless hours of their time and talents toward making their communities better places to live.
Jean Paduch ’63 Peelen
Jean Paduch ’63 Peelen has moved after 10 years on a barrier island off the west coast of Florida to the mountains of North Carolina. She has moved into a tiny house in a tiny house village called The Village at Flat Rock. She reports that she loves the mountains and the cool Carolina mornings.
Richard Bennink ’65
Richard Bennink ’65 reports that after spending the first 10 years of retirement as an ex-pat living in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, he has returned to the U.S. and he and his wife, Leslie, are presently enjoying living in Mattawan, Michigan.
Gretchen Paalman ’68 Latowsky
Gretchen Paalman ’68 Latowsky received an environmental leadership award from the Region 1 Office of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in a ceremony at Faneuil Hall in Boston, Massachusetts. The award recognized her 31 years of service working to educate and protect the public from toxic threats to public health and the environment. She began … Continue reading "Gretchen Paalman ’68 Latowsky"
Barbara DeHart ’69 Eadie
Barbara DeHart ’69 Eadie retired from teaching music in the Greater Victoria school district in British Columbia, Canada, in June. She is currently teaching private flute lessons as a post retirement career.
Alan Jones ’69
Alan Jones ’69 has published his latest book, The First 100 Days in the Main Office: Transforming a School Culture (Information Age Press). This book follows his two other works on the topic of instructional leadership, Becoming a Strong Instructional Leader: Saying NO to Business as Usual (Teachers College Press) and school improvement, Teaching Matters Most: A School Leader’s Guide to … Continue reading "Alan Jones ’69"
Marti Terpstra ’69
Marti Terpstra ’69 received a STAR (Sharing Time and Resources) Award. She is Volunteer of the Year (senior category) in the Kalamazoo, Michigan, area. She was nominated by Communities in Schools in Kalamazoo with support from RSVP, a volunteer program of senior services of southwest Michigan. She is a mentor in the Kalamazoo Public Schools … Continue reading "Marti Terpstra ’69"


Vicki Wiegerink ’74 Rumpsa
Vicki Wiegerink ’74 Rumpsa reports that she has 10 grandchildren and three foster grandchildren all living in Holland, Michigan. She is so thankful that they all live close and is looking forward to many family celebrations.
Rich Williams ’75
Rich Williams ’75 of Albuquerque, New Mexico, is celebrating 16 years directing the New Mexico MainStreet program, utilizing community economic and rural development strategies, which is a licensed program of the country-wide network of the National Main Street Center. They just released four short videos telling the stories of the entrepreneurs and business people across … Continue reading "Rich Williams ’75"
James Cannon ’76
James Cannon ’76 retired from teaching after 41 years. He reports that he is looking forward to spending more time with his family as well as traveling more.
Gary Oegema ’78 and Deb Cleason ’78 Oegema
Gary Oegema ’78 of Lawton, Michigan, retired in June after teaching music for 39 years in two districts, the last 32 years in Lawton. His wife, Deb Cleason ’78 Oegema, who has accompanied the choirs for as many years, surprised him with a Mr. Holland’s Opus moment during his last choir concert by arranging to have many choir alumni join the … Continue reading "Gary Oegema ’78 and Deb Cleason ’78 Oegema"


Brian Mork ’83
Brian Mork ’83 retired this fall as a colonel after 30 years in the U.S. Air Force that included both active duty and reserve service. After obtaining a Ph.D. from the University of Illinois, he spent 10 years as a full-time Air Force pilot, including nuclear-alert duty before the Berlin Wall was taken down and flying during the first night of the … Continue reading "Brian Mork ’83"
Marie DeGroot ’84 Shields
Marie DeGroot ’84 Shields received a PharmD degree from Ferris State University College of Pharmacy in May. She is completing a residency at Borgess Hospital in Kalamazoo, Michigan.
Emily Wang ’85 Lewis
Emily Wang ’85 Lewis of Madison, Wisconsin, has been promoted from associate to full clinical professor of radiology. She has worked at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health in Madison since 2005. She reports that she and her son enjoy the plentiful trails around the city. Emily remembers fondly her time … Continue reading "Emily Wang ’85 Lewis"
John Conser ’86
John Conser ’86 was named Civilian Aviation Instructor of the Year by the U.S. Army. He currently serves as an instructor of aviation ground school for all U.S. soldiers and marines entering service as unmanned-aircraft operators. He previously was a flight-line instructor for the Hunter MZ-5B and Shadow RZ-7 aircraft. John is a veteran of … Continue reading "John Conser ’86"
Alan Supp ’86
Alan Supp ’86 founded Lyon Capital Advisors in June. Lyon Capital provides comprehensive wealth advisory and institutional investment brokerage services employing the Fidelity, Pershing and Raymond James platforms. He termed out of his Blandford Nature Center board position, but continues to co-chair the investment committee for Blandford.
Harry Coffill ’89
Harry Coffill ’89 of Grand Rapids, Michigan, is the district library media specialist at Godfrey-Lee Public Schools, having transitioned to a new school system after spending 25 years at East Grand Rapids Public Schools. He serves all four schools at Godfrey-Lee, focusing on collection management, technology integrations and student service.
Deborah Rezanka ’89
Deborah Rezanka ’89 received a Bachelor of Science degree in 2018 from the University of New Mexico School of Engineering. She is currently working at Los Alamos National Lab in a post-baccalaureate position in the high- performance-computing division.


Mark Bast ’92
Mark Bast ’92 of Grand Rapids, Michigan, visited campus this spring to celebrate a treasured recent acquisition: a 1983 BMW 320i, the same make, model and color as a car that he purchased in 1991 and drove as a student but had to sell following an accident. When he discovered it for sale online, from … Continue reading "Mark Bast ’92"
Karen Bentz ’92 Howatt
Karen Bentz ’92 Howatt is the assistant professor of nursing at Siena Heights University. She completed her Doctor of Nursing Practice degree from American Sentinel University in education leadership in August.
Johanna Pscodna ’92
Johanna Pscodna ’92 received the Michigan Music Education Association (MMEA) 2018 Outstanding Administrator Award. She received the award in recognition of and appreciation for outstanding administrative support to MMEA and the cause of music education in Michigan. Johanna is in her 12th year as principal of Keicher Elementary in Michigan Center, Michigan.
John Suchan ’92
John Suchan ’92 married Lara Suchan and moved back to Columbus, Ohio. He has a school counseling job at Madison High School.
Anna-Lisa Cox ’94
As a scholar of 19th-century U.S. history, Anna-Lisa Cox ’94 isn’t accustomed to being in the spotlight. With the publication of her book The Bone and Sinew of the Land: America’s Forgotten Black Pioneers and the Struggle for Equality, however, she found herself the subject of numerous media interviews, recipient of multiple invitations to discuss her work … Continue reading "Anna-Lisa Cox ’94"
Raeann Schoudt ’94
Raeann Schoudt ’94 reports that after moving away for 12 years she finally returned to Holland, Michigan, a year ago. “It’s good to be home,” she writes.
Christin Van Wyk ’95 Greiman
Christin Van Wyk ’95 Greiman was promoted to associate professor at Northwood University and completed a Doctorate of Business Administration degree from Northcentral University.
Richard Maples ’96
Richard Maples ’96 received a Master of Arts degree in educational leadership at Spring Arbor University.
Kay Otto ’96
Kay Otto ’96 and Mark Ziegler were married on July 1, 2018. They have moved with their children to Kenosha, Wisconsin. Kay reports that she still loves working as a school social worker at Shabonee Elementary School in Northbrook, Illinois.
Lauren Crawley ’97 Jenkins
Lauren Crawley ’97 Jenkins and Edward Jenkins were married on August 10, 2018, in Hudsonville, Michigan.
Craig Phillips ’97
Craig Phillips ’97 and Kristin Schneider ’02 Phillips announce the birth of Anneke Joy on July 17, 2018. She joins older siblings Elizabeth, Charlotte and Benjamin.
Gretchen Rumohr-Voskuil ’97
Gretchen Rumohr-Voskuil ’97 was named the 2018 Outstanding Scholar of Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where she is an associate professor of English as well as the department chair and the writing- program administrator. The recognition is based on demonstrated excellence in scholarly or professional achievement in the previous five years, including publications and presentations, and the … Continue reading "Gretchen Rumohr-Voskuil ’97"
Jessica Grevenstuk ’98 Scholten
Jessica Grevenstuk ’98 Scholten and her husband, Tom, recently moved to Aurora, Illinois. Jess began as a pastor and head of staff at River Glen Presbyterian Church in Naperville in December 2017.
JP Buckingham ’99
JP Buckingham ’99 has been appointed by Governor Rick Snyder to serve on the environmental permit review commission. The commission consists of 15 members appointed by the governor with experience in engineering, geology, hydrology, hydrogeology or a field of engineering or science related to air or water. The commission term will end August 28, 2020. JP is a partner at Triterra, … Continue reading "JP Buckingham ’99"
Rebecca deVelder ’99 Fein
Rebecca deVelder ’99 Fein had her first book, Tears in a Jar, released as an e-book.


Darin Crask ’00
Darin Crask ’00 is the chief of police with the Earlville Police Department in Earlville, Illinois
Janelle Thompson ’00 Mahlmann
Janelle Thompson ’00 Mahlmann and Christopher Mahlmann announce the birth of Martin Richard on April 17, 2018.
Amy Otteson ’00 Speakman
Amy Otteson ’00 Speakman is the treatment services director at Pendleton Cottage, a secure residential treatment facility serving the forensic mental health population in Oregon.
James Palmer ’01
James Palmer ’01 is the assistant pastor at Bayview Wesleyan Church in Traverse City, Michigan. He is also a realtor with Real Estate One, manages the family business called Pristine Floor Care and is a volunteer police officer with the Traverse City Police Department. He reports that most importantly he is Gretchen’s husband and father … Continue reading "James Palmer ’01"
Scott Rumpsa ’01
Scott Rumpsa ’01 is the executive director at the Community Action House in Holland, Michigan. CAH fights food insecurity and hunger by providing 800-plus meals per day, through daily hot meals at the Community Kitchen, a food pantry, and monthly food distribution. Homeless Street Outreach builds relationships with the most vulnerable residents to connect them … Continue reading "Scott Rumpsa ’01"
Maren Heiberg ’02 Chettri
Maren Heiberg ’02 Chettri and Daniel Chettri announce the birth of Liv Shristi on March 19, 2018.
Jill Nyquist ’02
Jill Nyquist ’02 and Kevin Schwendeman announce the birth of Anders Williams on July 14, 2018.
Kristin Schneider ’02 Phillips
Craig Phillips ’97 and Kristin Schneider ’02 Phillips announce the birth of Anneke Joy on July 17, 2018. She joins older siblings Elizabeth, Charlotte and Benjamin.
Laura Meisch ’03 Hoekema
Laura Meisch ’03 Hoekema and Joel Hoekema announce the birth of Lane Henry on March 5, 2018.
Sarah Sanderson ’03
Sarah Sanderson ’03 has accepted an invitation to join the U.S. Foreign Service as a consular affairs officer for the October A-100 training class. Her husband, Sean Doyle, will join her in Washington, D.C., after he completes an Austral summer support staff position at McMurdo Station in Antarctica.
Eric Crew ’04 and Nicole Herbst ’05 Crew
Eric Crew ’04 and Nicole Herbst ’05 Crew announce the birth of Felicity Nicole on July 18, 2018. She joins Lain (6) and Noelle (3). They reside in Cedarburg, Wisconsin.
Anna Sutton ’04 DenBoer
Anna Sutton ’04 DenBoer and Lane DenBoer announce the birth of twins, Tessa Joy and Sutton Charles born on July 23, 2018. They reside on Gun Lake, Michigan.
Emily Zeig ’04 Lindsey
Emily Zeig ’04 Lindsey is the pastor of Fairview Presbyterian Church in Fairview, Pennsylvania.
Jessica Patrick ’04 Majerowicz
Jessica Patrick ’04 Majerowicz and Joshua Majerowicz announce the birth of Evelyn Anne on July 19, 2018.
Stephen Moreau ’04
Stephen Moreau ’04 and Calli Moreau announce the birth of Hazel Eloise on June 8, 2018. She joins a big brother, Max.
Meaghan Elliott ’05 Dittrich
Meaghan Elliott ’05 Dittrich is the director of the Connors Writing Center at the University of New Hampshire.
William Guy ’06
William Guy ’06 married Sonia Deif on June 22, 2018, in Bay Harbor, Michigan. They currently live in San Antonio, Texas, where William is a staff psychologist for Clarity Child Guidance Center and an adjunct faculty member at UT Health San Antonio
Robert Sweas ’06
Robert Sweas ’06 and Ashley Seyfert were married on April 7, 2018.
Vicki Blanton ’07
Vicki Blanton ’07 received her Master of Social Work degree from the University of Southern California in December 2017. She works as a therapeutic foster care case manager at Northern Virginia Family Service and is pursuing her L.C.S.W.
Kristin Olson ’07 Brace
Kristin Olson ’07 Brace had her first full-length poetry collection, Toward the Wild Abundance, selected for the 2018 Wheelbarrow Books Poetry Prize (Emerging). It will be published by Michigan State University Press in late 2019. Her first book, a chapbook of poetry called Fence, Patio, Blessed Virgin, was released in August from Finishing Line Press. … Continue reading "Kristin Olson ’07 Brace"
Lauren Halvorson ’07 Lane
Lauren Halvorson ’07 Lane and Nathan Lane announce the birth of Harrison Thomas on April 13, 2018.
Amy Norris ’07
Amy Norris ’07 and Jeff LaLonde were married on July 14, 2018, in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Amy leads the intern program and campus recruiting at Steelcase in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Miriam Lee ’07 Presley
Miriam Lee ’07 Presley and Justin Presley announce the birth of Edmund Crockett on July 25, 2018. He joins a sister, Maggie, and brother, William.
Jesse Fezzey ’09 Carollo
Jesse Fezzey ’09 Carollo and Paul Carollo announce the birth of Sawyer Lynn on Sept. 27, 2017.
Ryan Davis ’09 and Sara Toledo ’10 Davis
Ryan Davis ’09 and Sara Toledo ’10 Davis announce the birth of Ellery Ann on Aug. 4, 2018. Ryan received his Ph.D. in molecular and cellular biology from the University of Washington and is a scientist at Universal Cells in Seattle, Washington.
Nicholas Duthler ’09 and Claire DePree ’10 Duthler
Nicholas Duthler ’09 and Claire DePree ’10 Duthler announce the birth of Cole Kristopher on May 6, 2018.
Tiffany Fifer ’09
Tiffany Fifer ’09 and Pavol Fabian were married on June 16, 2018, in Niles, Michigan. Tiffany is an estate planning attorney with her own law firm, Foresight Law Firm and a member of the National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys; her husband is a criminal defense attorney with Zamzow Fabian, PLLC both located in Grand … Continue reading "Tiffany Fifer ’09"
Ruth Hagan ’09 Molenhouse
Ruth Hagan ’09 Molenhouse and John Molenhouse announce the birth of Penelope Laine on Aug. 18, 2018.
Melyn Tank ’09 Vandenberg
Melyn Tank ’09 Vandenberg and Jay Vandenberg announce the birth of Peter Warren on March 5, 2018.


Chelsey Poindexter ’10 Herrmann
Chelsey Poindexter ’10 Herrmann and Christopher Herrmann announce the birth of Lena Katherine on July 10, 2018.
Sam Pettigrew ’10
Sam Pettigrew ’10 and Jennifer Pettigrew announce the birth of Jane Ardys on June 25, 2018. She joins big brother, Clarke.
Andrea Eddy ’10 Ricci
Andrea Eddy ’10 Ricci and Fabricio Ricci announce the birth of Luca on March 26, 2018.
Blair Williams ’10
Blair Williams ’10 and Aya Williams announce the birth of Kai Robert on June 10, 2018.
Devin Berghorst ’11 and Elizabeth Spontelli ’11 Berghorst
Devin Berghorst ’11 and Elizabeth Spontelli ’11 Berghorst announce the birth of Grayson Michael on June 10, 2018.
Colleen McIntyre ’11 Largent and R. Jeff Largent ’11
Colleen McIntyre ’11 Largent and R. Jeff Largent ’11 announce the birth of Elodie Hope on April 19, 2018.
Angie Griffore ’11 Martin and Nate Martin ’11
Angie Griffore ’11 Martin and Nate Martin ’11 announce the birth of Emilia Susan on Aug. 29, 2018
Gretchen Baldwin ’12
Gretchen Baldwin ’12 received a master’s degree in international security policy, specializing in gender and public policy, from Columbia University in May. In September, she joined the International Peace Institute in New York City as assistant editor.
Anna Leach ’12
Anna Leach ’12 is a career counselor at The George Washington University in the disability support services office. She has also been appointed to the American Board of Audiology as the public member for a three-year term, advising the board on the perspective of the consumer of audiology services.
Christopher Mattson ’12
Christopher Mattson ’12 graduated from Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine in May 2018. He is now a resident physician in emergency medicine at Mercy Health in Muskegon, Michigan.
Alexandra Moore ’12
Alexandra Moore ’12 received a Master of Science degree in nursing, family nurse practitioner from the University of Pennsylvania
Sarah Van Hamersveld ’12
Sarah Van Hamersveld ’12 and Mario Martinez were married on Sept. 1, 2018, in Chicago, Illinois.
Kevin Watson ’12 and Alli Springett ’13 Watson
Kevin Watson ’12 and Alli Springett ’13 Watson announce the birth of Porter Andrew on July 14, 2018.
Melinda Carlson ’13
Melinda Carlson ’13 is the special education department head at Watson Jr. High in Colorado Springs, Colorado, for the 2018-19 school year. She completed her master’s degree in academic coaching and leadership from the University of Northern Colorado in June 2018.
Eric Cox ’13
Eric Cox ’13 graduated from Michigan State University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine on May 3, 2018. His residency is in otolaryngology and hand and neck surgery at Beaumont Hospital in Farmington Hills, Michigan. He and Kelsey Gragg were married on Saturday, Sept. 29, 2018.
Adam Maley ’13
Adam Maley ’13 received a Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of California, Irvine. He is currently a postdoctoral research fellow at Brigham & Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts.
Blake Rottschafer ’13
Blake Rottschafer ’13 and Emily Rottschafer announce the birth of Natalie Arlene in June.
Shelby Schulz ’13
Shelby Schulz ’13 and Matthew Finney were married on July 21, 2018, in Middleville, Michigan. They reside in Wheat Ridge, Colorado
Emily Dalgleish ’14 and Mitch Green ’14
Emily Dalgleish ’14 and Mitch Green ’14 were married on July 6, 2018, in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Catherine Gammon ’14
Catherine Gammon ’14 received a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine in May. She is an associate veterinarian at Southkent Veterinary Hospital in Caledonia, Michigan.
Korinne Kincaid ’14
Korinne Kincaid ’14 is pursuing a Master of Science in Nursing degree, pediatric primary care nurse practitioner with University of Alabama at Birmingham.
Michael Schofield ’14
Michael Schofield ’14 is a health system business specialist for Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals. His role is all about bringing life-changing medicines to patients who need it most, helping the health system and medical staff to whom he is assigned with reducing hospitalizations and admissions of their patient populations (treat the patient appropriately, in an appropriate … Continue reading "Michael Schofield ’14"
Eric Vachon ’14
Eric Vachon ’14 received a Ph.D. in nursing from Michigan State University in May 2018. His field of study was oncology and he is continuing his research with a two-year postdoctorate position at Indiana University in Indianapolis.
Andrew Zahrt ’14 and Raquel Mendizabal Martell ’15
Andrew Zahrt ’14 and Raquel Mendizabal Martell ’15 were married on Aug. 1, 2018, in Dimnent Memorial Chapel.
Mary Cefaratti ’15
Mary Cefaratti ’15 and Patrick Spalding were married on June 16, 2018, in Onekama, Michigan
Haley Donahue ’15 and Korey Cook ’16
Haley Donahue ’15 and Korey Cook ’16 were married in Dimnent Memorial Chapel on June 29, 2018.
Rachel Lundstrom ’15
Rachel Lundstrom ’15 and William Coussens were married on June 30, 2018, in Arlington Heights, Illinois. They are currently living in Holland, Michigan.
Michael Morton ’15 and Taylor Rabbai ’15
Michael Morton ’15 and Taylor Rabbai ’15 were married on Aug. 11, 2018, in Dimnent Memorial Chapel.
Samantha Poon ’15
Samantha Poon ’15 received a J.D. degree in May 2018
Andrew Larson ’14 and Ginny Cotterall ’16
Andrew Larson ’14 and Ginny Cotterall ’16 were married on June 30, 2018.
Dani Nowicki ’16
Dani Nowicki ’16 is the physical education teacher and elementary librarian at Saipan Community School in the Mariana Islands. Saipan, which is a U.S. commonwealth and was struck by Typhoon Yutu on Oct. 25. Although Dani’s home sustained minimal damage, the Category-Five storm left an estimated 10,000 homeless out of the total population of about … Continue reading "Dani Nowicki ’16"
Fallon Richie ’16
Fallon Richie ’16 is pursuing a Ph.D. in clinical and counseling psychology at the University of South Alabama.
Eva Sagastume ’16
Eva Sagastume ’16 is the first-ever quality assurance coordinator on the eLearning Team at Pepperdine University.
Graham Hoppstock ’17 and Brooke Mattson ’18
Graham Hoppstock ’17 and Brooke Mattson ’18 were married on July 13, 2018, at Camp Blodgett in Grand Haven, Michigan. Shortly after the wedding they moved to Wilmore, Kentucky, for Graham to continue his second year in Asbury Seminary’s Master of Divinity program. Brooke is currently working for the State of Kentucky as a geologist … Continue reading "Graham Hoppstock ’17 and Brooke Mattson ’18"
Rachel Anderson ’18
Rachel Anderson ’18 is pursuing a Juris Doctorate degree and a master’s degree at the Michigan State University College of Law.
Rachel Bartkowiak ’18
Rachel Bartkowiak ’18 is a fourth- and fifth grade English language arts teacher at St. Mary Catholic School in Royal Oak, Michigan.
Derek Chen ’18
Derek Chen ’18 is pursuing a Juris Doctorate degree at the Samford University Cumberland School of Law
Kaleigh Mitchell ’18
Kaleigh Mitchell ’18 is a registered nurse at Spectrum Health Blodgett Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on a med/surg unit.
Philip Versluis ’18
Philip Versluis ’18 is pursuing a Ph.D. in the biochemistry, molecular and cell biology program at Cornell University.

Sympathy tos

Richard DeVos
The Hope campus provides a lasting reflection of the philanthropy of Amway co-founder Richard DeVos, who died on Thursday, Sept. 6, 2018, at age 92, and his wife, Helen, who (as reported in the Winter 2017 issue) died on Oct. 18, 2017, at age 90. The Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation contributed a leadership gift on behalf of the college’s … Continue reading "Richard DeVos"
Dr. Jonathan Hagood
Dr. Jonathan Hagood, who was associate dean for teaching and learning and served in a variety of roles at Hope, died unexpectedly at his home on Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2018. He was 43. A member of the history faculty since 2008, he was also director of the Senior Seminar program and chair of the Department … Continue reading "Dr. Jonathan Hagood"
I. John Hesselink
The family of I. John Hesselink of Holland, Michigan, who died on Sunday, Oct. 28, 2018. He was 90. He was a Reformed Church in America missionary in Japan for 20 years, and from 1973 to 1985 was president of Western Theological Seminary, where he was subsequently the A.C. Van Raalte Professor of Systematic Theology until retiring in 1992. He was also president … Continue reading "I. John Hesselink"
Norman “Bunko” Japinga
Norman “Bunko” Japinga, who retired in 1995 after 27 years that included serving as athletic equipment manager and transportation director, died on Thursday, Nov. 1, 2018, at age 88. He joined the staff in 1968 as Hope’s first official equipment manager, along with custodial duties in the old Carnegie-Schouten Gymnasium and responsibility for the fledgling … Continue reading "Norman “Bunko” Japinga"
Dr. Peter Jolivette
Dr. Peter Jolivette, who retired as a professor emeritus of physics in 2001 after teaching at Hope for a quarter century, died on Friday, Sept. 21, at age 77. He was a 20-year survivor of angiosarcoma cancer, and for the last five years was the longest-lived survivor in the United States. He joined the faculty … Continue reading "Dr. Peter Jolivette"
Dr. J. Cotter Tharin
Dr. J. Cotter Tharin, who founded the college’s geology department and taught at Hope for 29 years, died on Thursday, Aug. 9, at age 87. He joined the faculty in 1967 and was recruited to establish the department, which today is named the Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences, and retired in 1996 having chaired the department his entire time … Continue reading "Dr. J. Cotter Tharin"
Dr. Richard Vandervelde
Dr. Richard Vandervelde, who was a member of the mathematics faculty for 33 years until retiring in 2000, died on Friday, Nov. 9, 2018, at age 80. He joined the faculty in 1967. His tenure at the college included chairing the Department of Mathematics, chairing the Albert E. Lampen Mathematics Contest and Conference, and serving the college’s computer center for a … Continue reading "Dr. Richard Vandervelde"
Dr. Margaret Van Wylen
Dr. Margaret Van Wylen, who was Hope’s first lady for 15 years, died on Saturday, August 4, 2018, one day before her 94th birthday. Her husband, Dr. Gordon Van Wylen, was the college’s president from 1972 until retiring in 1987. He survives her. She retired from a career as a psychiatrist in 1994. Her professional activity included serving on the … Continue reading "Dr. Margaret Van Wylen"