Distinctive Hope: Teamwork

Build a car from the ground up, adhere to a manual filled with exacting technical specifications, put the vehicle through a series of grueling road tests and present a business plan for putting the car into production (hypothetically). The international Formula SAE Lincoln 2018 competition in Nebraska hosted 80 entries from throughout the United States,… Continue Reading →

Genius Born of Necessity: Unique Team-Up Earns Dance Acclaim

Creative thinking and collaboration were the answers to an unfortunate overlap in scheduling between this year’s Dance 44 concert and the American College Dance Association’s East-Central regional conference. The conflicting circumstance caused senior dancers Emily Mejicano-Gormley and Nia Stringfellow to combine their previously performed solo works, “Memory” by Mejicano-Gormley and “The Will” by Stringfellow, into… Continue Reading →

Window to Hope’s History: But Not Forgotten

Home is not only a place to live but of belonging. For the past 38 years, Delta Phi Cottage at 118 E. 12th St. provided space for both, not only for the sorority actives in residence but the entire sisterhood. Its tenure has now ended, the building razed this summer to make way for the… Continue Reading →

Closing Look: In Memory

The late Billy Mayer of the art and art history faculty was a passionate advocate for the creation of the Kruizenga Art Museum, so what could be more appropriate than for the museum to host a retrospective of his work? The mixed-media piece shown here, “Wall of Sound,” will travel to another venue and reach… Continue Reading →

Distinctive Hope: Rivalry Renewed x 200

The story never grows old because it never has the same script twice. Over a span of 198 games since 1920, Hope College and Calvin College have played men’s basketball games to one-of-a-kind conclusions in front of rivalrous crowds resulting in tight records and stats. Hope leads the series, 103-95, by only 89 points. That’s… Continue Reading →

Autumn Reflections

by Dr. William Pannapacker We teach because we are not immortal; knowledge must be passed down. We get older, but the students remain the same age. Every fall renews that understanding. I started at Hope College in 2000; newborns from that year are appearing in my classes now. My three daughters have grown up in… Continue Reading →

Window to Hope’s History: Off-Track Herringbone

For everything there is a season, and while it’s easy to grouse about winter when the days grow short and the roads slick, the earth’s slumber is a crucial part of the cycle that includes gentle summer days and rich harvests. It’s also not without its own potential, as these students (likely in the 1980s)… Continue Reading →

Closing Look: Photo Op

As Hope celebrated the Advent season in 2017, students enjoyed a visit from St. Nicholas, the fourth-century bishop who was the historical antecedent of Santa Claus. President Dennis Voskuil personified the venerated saint for the occasion, adding a colorful, memorable and appreciated touch to the festive gathering. Merry Christmas! Continue Reading →

Distinctive Hope: Fellowship of the Spring

Held on the last Friday of April prior to semester exams, Spring Fling serves on one level as an opportunity for students to relax before the intensity of finals week. More, though, the event reflects Hope as a community. Hundreds of students fill the central campus not just for a mix of activities and a… Continue Reading →

Hope is … faithful

Hope College is a Christian community that invites all its members into a holistic and robust engagement with the historic Christian faith and a personal encounter with the living Christ through the Holy Spirit. We are guided and challenged in mutual journey by three aspirations — to be faithful, to be welcoming and to be… Continue Reading →

Window to Hope’s History: Caught in the Rain

Where is the dividing line, if indeed there is one, between cliché and timeless truth? For example, while the aphorism “April showers bring May flowers” gains no marks for originality, it at least might — in 2019 as in this moment previously depicted in the 1964 Milestone yearbook — make for a comforting mantra on… Continue Reading →

Closing Look: Civil Rights Lecture

Jewellynne Richardson of West Michigan Jewels of Africa speaks to a capacity audience in Dimnent Memorial Chapel during the group’s presentation of African culture as part of the college’s Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Civil Rights Lecture on Jan. 21. Presented first in 1989, the annual event has grown across the decades into a large-scale… Continue Reading →

Distinctive Hope: Where Ideas Begin

Hope’s emphasis on serving not only its students but the community is exemplified in the NEA Big Read Lakeshore that the college has organized each fall since 2014. The program invites all ages across the area to read a specific novel and then get together to discuss it and the issues it explores. Winning funding… Continue Reading →

Hope is … welcoming

Hospitality is a hallmark of the Christian faith. Hope seeks to be a community that affirms the dignity of all persons as bearers of God’s image. We are a community where all come together to offer their gifts of understanding to one another. Students of all faiths — or no faith at all — are… Continue Reading →

Window to Hope’s History: Beanies for All!

Being a new student was just a bit different five-and-more decades ago, with all freshmen of those distant days provided green beanies to wear during the fall semester. Born in an era when one’s school-year identity perhaps mattered more and Hope was much smaller, the student-organized practice, as is typical of such traditions, was intended… Continue Reading →

Closing Look: There’s No Place Like Hope

With apologies to one of American film’s most famous lines, there’s no place like Hope’s hometown of Holland and the college together, each enhanced by the other’s presence in an outstanding town-gown relationship that is the envy of many other communities and schools. For example, Ali Jesky of the groundskeeping staff is a member of… Continue Reading →

Distinctive Hope: The Pull

The Black River has been an iconic part of the Pull tug-of-war for longer than living memory, but there can be too much of a good thing. In fact, Lake Michigan’s near-record level, which had a corresponding impact on the event’s long-time Black River site, and plentiful rain leading up to the Pull prompted a… Continue Reading →

Hope is … transformational

Hope was established as a college in the Reformed tradition, which affirms the centrality of Scripture and the importance of learning. We are committed to freedom of inquiry in the pursuit of truth and knowledge in every field of study, confident that all truth is God’s truth. We also affirm that knowledge is not an… Continue Reading →

Window to Hope’s History: Sibs and Emmys Celebrate a Century

Siblings in the college’s Greek system, the Sibylline sorority and Emersonian fraternity also share a birth year in 1919. In the century since they were founded, thousands of students have built and continued traditions of friendship and service that have thrived to the present. Today, there are more than 2,000 living Sib and Emersonian alumni,… Continue Reading →

Closing Look: Welcome to Hope!

Since arriving on July 1, President Matthew A. Scogin ’02 and his family have been the guests at numerous events welcoming them to the college. During freshman Move-In Day on Friday, Aug. 23, he returned the favor and, accompanied by Dutch, Hope’s mascot, welcomed members of the Class of 2023 to their new college home,… Continue Reading →