In a Class of Their Own

#1 in Michigan on the Educator Preparation Institution Performance Index

Any is too Many

Preventing Assault is a Team Effort

Asking Big Questions at the Nuclear Level

Small Particles, Big Questions, Real Impact

600 and Counting

Brian Morehouse: 600 wins in record time

Walking the Emmaus Road

Emmaus Scholars Explore Faith in Community

In, Out, and Back to Africa

Catherine Namwezi ’17: A Journey Abroad to Give Back at Home

SPERA Spotlight on Faculty Research and Scholarly Work

On Four Continents, Helping Agencies Encourage Foster Care

Deb Sturtevant, Ph.D. | Professor of Social Work

Interdisciplinary Exploration of Global Issues

Streamlining Robotic Coding

Miguel Abrahantes, Ph.D. | Professor of Engineering

A Gothic Church, a Holy Tear

Anne Heath, Ph.d. | Howard R. and Margaret E. Sluyter Associate Professor of Art History

Decoding Mitochondrial Transcription

Kristin Dittenhafer-Reed, Ph.d. | Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Software Development as Community Outreach

Michael Jipping, Ph.D. | Professor of Computer Science

Translating Classical Latin, Decoding Gender and Power

Stephen Maiullo, Ph.D. | Associate Professor of Classics

Striving for Balance in Zeeland, Michigan

Maureen Dunn, Ph.D. | Professor of KinesiologyKirk Brumels, Ph.D. | John H. and Jeanne M. Jacobson Professor of Kinesiology

How Sanctification Works

Angela Carpenter, Ph.D. | Assistant Professor of Religion

For This Medical Device, Paper May Be Just the Ticket

Kenneth Brown, Ph.D. | Professor of Chemistry

East and West, Body and Mind, T’ai Chi and Philosophy

Andrew Dell’olio, Ph.D. | Professor of Philosophy

One Musician’s Global Mixology

Mihai Craioveanu | Professor of Music

Mathematical Nature and Natural Math

Brian Yurk, Ph.D. | Associate Professor of Mathematics

Preparing Teacher Education Candidates To Connect Across Cultures

Yooyeun Hwang, Ph.D. | Professor of Education Susan Cherup, M.A. | Arnold & Esther Sonneveldt Professor of Education

Shifting Chemistry into Reverse

Jeffrey Johnson, Ph.D. | Professor of Chemistry

Investigating How Cells Recognize Good and Bad Fats

Virginia McDonough-Stukey, Ph.D. | Professor of Biology

From Industrial Glitch to Research Focus

Stephen Remillard, Ph.D. | Associate Professor of Physics

Hope Goes Viral

Benjamin Kopek, Ph.D. | Assistant Professor of Biology

Two Miles From Campus, Medical Outreach to Seniors

Barbara Vincensi, Ph.D. | Associate Professor of Nursing

Telling Past Lives, Tracing Cultural Effects

Natalie Dykstra, Ph.D. | Professor of English