“The Perfect Leader for Hope’s Next Chapter”

Matthew A. Scogin ’02
A journey from Washington, D.C., to Wall Street, to 12th Street

20 Years of Building Community

Phelps Scholars Program celebrates two decades

A Memory of Hope, A Message from South Africa

Taking the long way home.

Giving Back While Paying Forward

Four stories of alumni mentorship

Who was A.J. Muste?

The grad who inspired Martin Luther King Jr.

The Secret is Persistence

Matthew Baker ’08

SPERA Spotlight on Faculty Research and Scholarly Work

What drew me to social psychology

David Myers, Ph.D. | Professor of Psychology

For All of God’s Good Earth

Steve Bouma-Prediger, Ph.D.
Leonard and Marjorie Maas Professor of Reformed Theology

Complexities of the In-Between

Ernest Cole, Ph.D.
John Dirk Werkman Associate Professor of English

Confronting a Threat in West Michigan Forests

Kathy Winnett-Murray, Ph.D. | Professor of Biology
K. Greg Murray, Ph.D. | T. Elliott Weier Professor of Plant Science
Vanessa Muilenburg, Ph.D. | Assistant Professor of Biology

Where Early Modern British Lit Crosses Paths with Asian Studies

Marla Lunderberg, Ph.D. | Associate Professor of English

Human Form and Function in Costume Design

Michelle Bombe, MFA | Professor of Theatre

Abstract Visions of the Human Body

Katherine Sullivan, MFA | Professor of Art

Nursing Research on Mother’s Milk

ANITA ESQUERRA-ZWIERS, Ph.D. | Assistant Professor of Nursing
EMILIE Dykstra GORIS, Ph.D. | Assistant Professor of Nursing

How the Watts May Term expands our future teachers’ vision

John Yelding, M.A. | Susan M. and Glenn G. Cherup Associate Professor of Education